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What are the Loudest Keyboard Switches?

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If you are new to the world of mechanical keyboards, you may wonder what are the loudest keyboard switches. Some of the best keyboards, after all, boast mechanical designs that produce plenty of noise as you type. So what are the loudest keyboard switches and which is best for your unique needs? Keep reading to find out.


  • The loudest keyboard switches are found with mechanical keyboards, as optical keyboards tend to be on the quieter side.
  • The loudest mechanical keyboard switches available are Cherry MX Blue switches, Cherry MX Black, Gateron Blue, and Gateron Ink Black.
  • The benefits of using a loud keyboard with mechanical switches and clicky switches include increased tactile feedback, fewer typing errors, and increased immersion while gaming.

What Keyboard Switches are the Loudest?

When looking at the different types of keyboards, you’ll find Cherry MX switches in the loudest models. In other words, avoid Cherry MX switches if you are looking for the quietest mechanical keyboard. Within the Cherry MX ecosystem, however, there is some variety, with certain colors representing quieter switches, if you are looking for the quietest keyboard switches available. Additionally, we have a guide for the best quiet keyboards, regardless of if they are mechanical or not.

Insider Tip

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, try before you buy to ensure a smooth experience.

Generally speaking, Cherry MX Blue, Gateron Blue, and Cherry MX Black are the loudest switches available. Other louder-than-average options include Cherry MX Brown and Gateron Ink Black.

Benefits of a Loud Keyboard

While most users look for quiet when shopping for a keyboard, so as not to disturb family members or coworkers, there are some serious benefits to choosing a model that makes a loud click with each keypress.

Tactile Feel

Keyboards that create a loud click as you type creates a tactile sensation that can help you ensure you are pressing the right key. This comes in handy when engaging with computer software that demands accuracy, such as speed typers and professional gamers. Speaking of gaming, the increased tactile sensations that come from pressing a loud keyboard switch translates to better immersion as you play.


These loud keyboard switches are typically made from reinforced high-grade materials. In other words, they’ll last a long time before needing repairs or replacement. As a matter of fact, many of these louder-than-average switches are rated to last for 100 million clicks before encountering any issues. With proper care to the rest of the keyboard, that translates to years upon years of constant use. The keys will actually outlast the keyboard itself in many cases.

Increased Satisfaction

If you are already a user of mechanical keyboards, you know that the click created by typing can be incredibly satisfying. In many cases, the louder the better. As long as the clicks aren’t annoying those around you, opt for the loudest keyboard available to maximize that satisfaction during use.


Why get a clicky keyboard?

Clicky keyboards, such as those with blue switches or a linear switch, are great for increased immersion, as the loudest switch available increases the sound level while gaming and typing.

What to expect with loud keyboard switches?

Mechanical switches, such as blue switches, produce a loud click when used, so expect an increased sound level. These tactile switches also create decent audio feedback, no matter the switch type, which is not found with a membrane keyboard.

Do you need to lube loud clicky switches?

Sometimes, though is rare with mechanical switches. If you are dealing with a linear switch, for instance, you’d have to remove the key to access the interior for lubing. Check the instructions for more information about lubing mechanical switches.

STAT: Mechanical switches come in a variety of makes and models, often identified by colors (red, blue, black, etc). (source)

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