What are Gaming Headset Controls?

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Updated October 26, 2022

If you’ve ever thought, “What are gaming headset controls? Then you’re in the right place. Your gaming sessions improve when you use a wide range of features, such as a detachable microphone.


  • The most essential controls have to do with audio quality. Features like a unidirectional microphone will also help, especially with other audio quality controls.
  • There is a wide range of controls for audio quality, voice chat balance, and more. Some systems even use an app on your mobile device for more control.
  • Read your headset connection guide to make sure you understand how to use all controls relating to your over-ear gaming headset.

However, the best gaming headset will come with far more than just a retractable boom microphone. Keep reading to find out how your wireless or wired headsets can work for you rather than against you.

Does Headset Volume Control Matter to Sound Quality?

Game volume can make your customizable experience legendary. If you can’t control the signature soundscape of your wireless or wired headsets, the audio quality will be poor.

Insider Tip

A wireless model should always provide hours of battery life to have extended gaming sessions.

Every default audio device comes with some sort of control dial. A more complex system, like wired or wireless headsets for gaming sessions, will offer far more. Below are a few tips for gaming headset controls.

Sound Isolation to Make Your Experience Legendary

Few controls make an over-ear gaming headset provide a more immersive experience than enabling sound isolation. You’ll be able to enjoy all game sounds like never before, and this control includes a wide range of audio settings.

High latency will impede the balance of game volume and voice chat. And if you’re unsure what does gaming headset latency mean, we have a fantastic article explaining the concept.

Microphone Mute Button for In-Game Communication

Chat audio is a big reason why gamers choose over-ear headphones. The detachable microphone most wired and wireless headsets feature a headset volume control dial on their in-line system.

This also includes a mute button if you need to say something you don’t want going to the chat audio or if you don’t want temporary background noise, like passing emergency vehicles, to be heard by other players.

Other Sound Settings Available

There is a wide range of ways to make sure your wireless or wired headsets have perfect audio and chat volumes:

  • Equalizer Settings
  • Voice Chat Balance Controls
  • Master Volume Dial

Learning how to repair a short in a wired gaming headset will help if repairs are necessary, especially if your PS4 headset has no audio.

Our other great guides include, what if your gaming headset doesn’t work on Xbox One, how to improve headphone quality for gaming with an amp, and how to turn your headphones into a gaming headset.


Be careful with your wireless dongle if you choose wireless over a wired gaming headset since they can easily be lost.


Is acoustic noise-canceling necessary for headsets?

This is also known as active noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation ensures that background noise doesn’t ruin the game audio quality.

Is a wired or wireless gaming headset better?

Whether you choose a wired or wireless gaming headset is up to you. However, an audio cable always grants better audio quality. This is because wireless headphones don’t have an instantaneous connection and can drop the audio signal.

Which wired or wireless gaming headset is the best?

The wired or wireless gaming headset that’s right for you will depend on various factors. Price range makes a difference since budget headsets vary wildly in audio quality.

What should I look for in wired or wireless headphones?

Here are some things to consider for your next wireless or wired gaming headset purchase:

  • Comfortable headsets feature a padded headband and an adjustable headband.
  • Hours of battery life from wireless charging provide extended gaming sessions.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices allows more usage.

STAT: One of the important things to note when considering headphone use is that personal listening devices are tuned to a maximum volume of around 105 to 110 dB. (source)

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