What are Commercial Drones Used For?

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Updated July 25, 2022

Some of the best drones out there are currently making waves in multiple commercial industries. If you’ve ever wondered, “What are commercial drones used for?” then you’re in luck. Today we’re going to talk about some of the more popular uses for commercial drones and why they’re so important.


  • When it comes to natural disasters, drones are a popular choice to help rescuers locate those in need without putting themselves in harm’s way.
  • The agriculture industry uses drones to perform all sorts of tasks, preferring autonomous models. Drones help with spraying, mapping land, and more.
  • Delivering medical supplies using drones has been a booming success, especially when delivering supplies to remote locations.

Uses for Commercial Drones

Several questions can pop up when you’re pondering the uses of drone technology in commercial operations. For example, you might think, “What are police drones used for?” or “Can drones be used on construction sites?” Keep reading to find out what drones are used for in a commercial setting.

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Encouraging the growth of commercial drone usage will allow multiple industries to expand more rapidly.

Natural Disaster Assistance

When disaster strikes, there are always rescuers at the ready. The introduction of drone technology has made the jobs of these rescuers far easier. These commercial drones typically have extra features, such as thermal sensors, to aid them during rescue missions.

They allow for outdoor and indoor inspections in places where it might be unsafe for humans, allowing rescuers to locate victims without being in harm’s way themselves. If you would like to read more about drones used in search and rescue, you might want to read about what police drones look like at night next.

The Agriculture Industry

Commercial drones are a favorite of the agricultural industry. This line of work favors autonomous drone models capable of surveying farms, spraying pesticides, and mapping, all without a human pilot. Agricultural drones have become increasingly popular because it offers a safer alternative to having human beings spraying crops in low-flying planes.


You need to have a commercial drone license before you can legally operate drones for business purposes.

Delivery of Medical Supplies

Although manned aircraft have been delivering supplies for decades, drone services have become highly popular in this field. Drones are capable of traveling many miles through otherwise difficult terrain to deliver much-needed vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical supplies.

STAT: Inadequate insurance was named as the biggest concern regarding drones for 12 percent of the respondents in a 2015 study. (source)

What Are Commercial Drones Used For FAQs

What requirements do commercial drone pilots have?

Commercial drone pilots must obtain the proper drone license before they can operate as a business. You can find more information by visiting the FAA’s website.

What are unmanned aircraft systems?

Unmanned aircraft system is just another term for a drone. It refers to any aircraft system that can fly without a human operator physically occupying it.

Is delivery by drone a realistic goal for the drone industry?

Generally speaking, yes. However, drone deliveries are still pretty far into the future for most manufacturers and stores. There are a few services in operation now, but they’re limited to certain populous locations.

Are there any flight restrictions on consumer drones?

It’s important to understand the various drone laws governing the flight of unmanned aircraft. There are several restrictions placed on drones that are designated for consumer usage.
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