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While looking for the best garage fan, most don’t look at the ceiling fans. But a ceiling fan can be the best option in some circumstances. And if you need an indoor ceiling fan, Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are some of the best. It might not be an outdoor ceiling fan or suited for outdoor usage, but it works great indoors.

Why We Like It – Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

The Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are extremely efficient and built well. And the brushed nickel plates don’t usually get rusted, and the fan stays pristine for a very long period. Also, the blades are very well built and can move a lot of air to accommodate a large room.

  • Brushed nickel steel blades
  • Up to 5370 cubic feet per minute airflow
  • Five step speed wall control included
  • Even though it’s advertised, no actual light bulbs, light fixture, light kit, or LED light included


This fan performs exceptionally well and is very efficient. It can deliver up to 5370 cubic feet per minute airflow. And that’s easily enough for a decent-sized (let’s say 400 square feet) room. If your room is smaller on the full speed setting, you’re going to feel gale wind speed; it’s that powerful. Another very powerful air circulator fan you can go for is the Vornado 660.


It’s very well built, but it’s not for both indoor outdoor usage. It’s strictly an indoor ceiling fan and is built to stay put indoors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a flush mount. It has a long sturdy rod type mount. And all the other fans accessories (not the speed regulator, it’s pretty cheaply made, and we recommend you buy a separate one) are pretty well built too. But if you don’t have room for a long rod mount based fan, you should pick up a wall mount fan. The Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan is pretty great in that regard.

Noise/Sound Level

For a ceiling fan, it’s pretty quiet. On all speed modes, it’s basically inaudible if you have a tall ceiling. Even if you don’t, the very low sound you may or may not notice won’t bother anyone whatsoever.

Versatility/Modern Features

As we mentioned before, the motor is exceptionally efficient. In terms of energy usage, it only uses up to 69 W, which is pretty nice. And in terms of airflow, it saves up to 78 CFM/W. But remote control, heating cooling at different ranges than the ambient temperature, and reversible blades are some of the most notable omissions here. It also doesn’t look great as a home decor piece because of its industrial-grade rugged design. If you need a high-velocity fan, get the Lasko 2265QM.


The Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are some of the best value for money ceiling fans out there. And you get Westinghouse’s industry-leading 15-year limited motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all other parts. And with free shipping, you can’t go wrong with this fan.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Wrap Up

The Westinghouse Ceiling Fans may not be LED ceiling fans or have any use cases for outdoor lighting or as lighting ceiling fans. Still, they are worth it, and you should totally check these out.

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