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While you’re on the lookout for the best air purifier, you might want to consider checking out the best personal air purifier. And while you’re checking out the personal air purifiers, you may want to put the Wein Mini-Mate AS1080i on your watchlist. It’s one of the most portable devices we’ve seen, and you won’t incur any additional costs ny having to replace expensive HEPA filters.

Why We Like It – Wein Mini-Mate AS180i

The Wein Mini-Mate AS180i Air Purifiers are a little guy in a big gutsy world, but they are still able to hold their own just fine. Although it can’t destroy airborne contaminants, it can remove them from your personal breathing zone with remarkable efficiency and power.

  • Removes all Matter of Contaminants from Around You
  • Very Portable and Lightweight
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Low Battery Life
  • No Direct Range Given


The AS1080i Wearable Air Purifier emits an absolutely astounding 120 trillion ions per second for cleaner fresher personal air purification in and around your breathing zone. Unfortunately, the battery life isn’t as stellar, with most customer reviews placing it around seven to eight hours. Consider the AirTamer A310 for something much longer lasting.


It’s hard to establish the range of effect that a personal air purification device is capable of considering it just propels air into your personal breathing zone. And as long as you’re wearing it, it should do its job just fine.While there are no direct specs given, 15 square feet is usually the normal range, but this would just be a guess.. If you would like something a little wider, check out the Dyson Cool Me.


The great thing about personal air purifiers, most of them, is that they’re filterless, so you’ll be saving on that cost. The 1080i is no different. Further, the solid platinum plasma emitter clears the air of allergens, smoke, germs, and dust for allergen-free breathing. If you’re looking for a device specifically designed for smoke, the Smoke Buddy Air Filter should do the trick.


The AS1080i weighs only about 1.5 ounces, so it should be no problem to wear around your neck while you’re on the go. In fact, it’s one of the lightest and most portable devices we’ve seen so far. It also comes with a strap to hang around your neck and a USB charging cable. If you’d like to not set it near you and just close to you that’s fine too, although it’s effectiveness may decrease just a little.


The AS1080i has an option of a gold-plated stainless steel collector’s edition. It’s pretty much the same as the standard edition, but it’s always nice to have the option for variety’s sake. Further, the unit also comes with a one-year warranty. It’s not that long, I’ll admit, but it’s still one-year longer than most other personal air purifiers offer.

Wein Mini-Mate AS180i Wrap Up

It’s a shame that the battery life is so bad, and it’s a baffling decision that the range of effect isn’t given, but the Wein Mini-Mate AS1080i still has a lot going for it that warrants your consideration. The one-year warranty alone is enough to at least get you to test the waters if you’ve been considering a personal air purifier.

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