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weBoost eqo Solves Your Cell Signal Problems with Hassle-Free Setup

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The eqo gives a home or office-based cell signal a powerful boost.

In theory, cell signals make everything easier and are always there for you, even when Wi-Fi isn’t. In practice, cell signals aren’t quite that reliable, especially in more rural areas or places where there’s considerable interference. If your phone is dropping important calls even when you find the perfect corner of the office to stand in, you probably need a signal booster…which is where the weBoost eqo comes in.

The eqo (pronounced the same way as “eco-friendly”) is a simple signal booster that comes ready to use, with no need to set up exterior antennas or, well, anything complicated. In installation, it’s more like one of the new digital TV antennas than anything else. Pop it out of the box, put the hub by a window, put your antenna in a central location, plug it all in, and you’re practically done. The sleek black exterior of the cell phone accessory is designed to fit easily into your electronics ecosystem without drawing too much attention.

When placed correctly, the eqo boosts your coverage up to 32 times what it was across 1,500 square feet, more than enough space for an office or the average home. There’s no restriction on type of cell connection or provider, either, so don’t worry about what devices are dropping their data connections (our cell phone reviews for 2016 can offer some advice on finding the most reliable phones).

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The eqo is designed to match other electronics, no matter where you put it.

As such, weBoost has created what’s essentially a spot-based fix for poor cell tower reception. It’s not going to permanently fix your phone or solve the problem for your neighbors, but it will give you a safe zone where you need it.

When it comes to the price, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can buy the eqo right now and there are no associated monthly fees or long-term costs. The bad news is that you’ll have to drop $350 for this weBoost product, which definitely falls on the high-end side of the market. That’s not bad for an office that badly needs reliable mobile service, but may be a lot to spend for families.

Here’s a thought: If your home is struggling with poor cell signal reception, call up your provider or a related technician and ask them if there’s any upgrades planned for your cell towers to improve the problem – or any tricks you haven’t already tried. If the answer is a resounding shrug, then buying an eqo may well be your best bet for usable cell service.

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