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If you’ve gotten the idea to build an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ll be looking for the Best Grills. Specifically, you’re probably going to be looking for the Best Built In Grills. To this extent, you should consider the Weber Summit S-460. The Weber name is synonymous with quality, and the S-460 does not disappoint.

Why We Like It – Weber Summit Grill

The Weber Summit Grill is a powerful mid-range grill that should work well in an outdoor kitchen. It comes with a tone of features, different types of burners, and a large grilling area for fun, mid-sized neighborhood for family parties.

  • Comes with a Powerful Smoker Box and Side Burner
  • Natural Gas or Propane Options
  • LED Control Panel and Lights
  • Weird Mixed-Material Construction
  • Unusual Cut-Out Space


S-460 Weber Summit Gas Grills have four stainless steel main burners at 10,000 BTU per hour input, a 10,600 BTU internal standard sear burner, a 10,600 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner, and 6,800 BTU dedicated smoker burner. It totals 68,000 BTUs which is more than enough to get your grilling done. You can check out the Blaze Grill for something with five main burners if that’s more your speed.


S-460 Weber Grills offer 468 square inches of primary cooking area and a 112 square inch warming rack for a total cooking area of 580 square inches. If you’re looking for something with more cooking space, you can check out the Napoleon Burners Prestige PRO 665 Natural Gas Grill. With the Summit S-460 you also have the option of natural gas or a liquid propane tank, although it’s not convertible.


Weber S-460 Gas Grills have some odd mixed-material construction. The grill has stainless steel parts, but it isn’t a complete stainless steel grill. The cooking chamber uses a cast aluminum bottom. The box it all fits into is enamel-coated steel. Enamel scratches easily, and when it does scratch it becomes prone to rust. For something a little more sturdy, try the Bull Grill.

Ease of Use

The cut-out space used for the Weber isn’t traditional, so you’ll have a harder time actually getting it installed than most other built-in grills. But that’s about it in terms of difficulty. The stainless steel flavorizer bars do an excellent job at catching flavor and adding it to the meat, and the Electric-Continuous Spark Ignition System guarantees a flame every time.


The S-460 comes with an LED-lit control panel and two-handle mounted LED grilling lights so grilling well into the night is possible. Overall, it’s an inexpensive option for an outdoor kitchen. Of course, if you would like to get it freestanding instead of getting it built-in, you can.

Weber Summit Grill Wrap Up

It may be a little painful to install the S-460 because the cut-out is nan-traditional, but that’s why you have the option of getting it freestanding as well. You’ll have to take extra-special care to not scratch it though. Still, it’s an excellent starting point for those who want a functional outdoor kitchen.

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