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The name Weber is synonymous with Best Grills, and considering they invented the flavorizer bars back in the 1980’s, they really should be. And the S-310, with its power, evenly distributed heat, and ease of use, is an easy contender for one of the Best Natural Gas Grills.

Why We Like It – Weber Genesis 310

The Weber Genesis 310 Natural Gas Grills are powerful for a three-burner type barbecue. About 3,000 BTUs more powerful, to be precise. The cooking surface is ample enough for you to host a small get-together in the backyard, and it comes in both natural gas or propane options.

  • Cooking Grates are Narrower Near the Back
  • Natural Gas or Propane Tank Options
  • Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grates
  • No Side Burner
  • Heavy


The S-310 Weber Grill is powered by three burners made of stainless steel that get narrower as you approach the back for much more even heat distribution on the cooking area proper. Each burner produces about 13,000 BTUs for a maximum of 39,000 BTUs. There’s no side burner, and you’ll have to check out the Weber Genesis II E series if you want one. You can also check out the Weber Summit if you want something with a bit more power too.


The S0310 Grill Weber has a cooking space of 513 square inches plus a warming rack of 156 square inches for a total grilling space of 669 square inches. It’s a healthy amount, and you should be able to feed a family plus a few neighbors with this amount of space. If you want a grilling system monstrously bigger, consider the Napoleon Burners Prestige PRO 665 Natural Gas Grill. You can always get the S-310 as a propane gas system if you prefer.


The S-310, at 132 pounds, isn’t the lightest grill around. Further, like the Weber Spirit II, it’s only on two wheels which makes it harder to move. You can check out the Char Broil 360 if you’d like something much lighter. But having said that, the S-310 is built solid. It’s stainless steel construction helps it survive against inclement weather, and the porcelain coated cast iron grates are well protected against rust.

Ease of Use

Not only do the porcelain-coated cooking grates protect against rust, they are easier to clean too thanks to the meat debris sliding right off. Drippings not vaporized by the flavorizer bars are funneled into the drip tray and the fuel gauge provides at-a-glance propane tank checking, if you chose that option. There’s ample prep space too thanks to the two side tables and two cart shelves.


Weber Grills boast a 10-year warranty on the grill body and the burners. And they have reputable customer service, so getting replacement parts, should you need them, shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The S-310 is also available in black if you prefer it to the classic silver design. Overall, it’s a great grill that should be any backyard well.

Weber Genesis 310 Wrap Up

There really isn’t much to complain about when it comes to the Weber Genesis S-310. Sure, it’s a little heavy and hard to move around. But if you already know where you’re putting it, this is a non-issue. Besides, do you want a grill that weighs less or a grill that sears your food to perfection?

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