Weber E210 Review

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Updated April 13, 2023
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When you’re checking out the best grills, specifically the best propane grill, you should give the Weber Spirit E210 some time to consider. Its cooking area is great for a few steaks without feeling too cramped, and the cast-iron cooking grates evenly distribute heat for a better cooking experience.

Why We Like It – Weber Spirit E210

The Weber Spirit E210 is a fantastic grill for personal use that can sear your steaks or hot dogs to perfection. You have a choice of liquid propane or natural gas, which is always nice, and the stainless steel construction makes it more than durable against the elements.

  • 450 Cooking Area Square Inches
  • Material Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates
  • More Simple and Practical
  • Long Preheat
  • No Additional Features or Accessories


Weber Spirit Series Liquid Propane Gas Grills have a little more power than the average 12,000 BTU barbeque, coming in at 13,250 BTU across two stainless steel burners for a grand total of 26,500 BTU. Impressive, but you can check out the Blackstone 36 Stainless Steel Griddle if you want something a little more powerful. Unfortunately, most reviews consider the preheat times too long.

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The Weber E20 comes in both propane tank and natural gas models for those who prefer one or the other. The dimension lid closed is 45.5″ x 50″ x 24″ H x W x D, so it’s a little small compared to other barbeques, but still offers a 360 square inch primary cooking area with a 450 inch total cooking area. If you want something a little bigger, the Weber Spirit II 335 should work for you.


The Weber Spirit E210 Grill Black’s material is made of stainless steel which may be a pain to clean but ensures durability against the elements. It weighs about 113 pounds, which isn’t heavy but isn’t light either, so consider the Weber Q1200 for something more portable. The porcelain cast iron grates are easy to clean and ensure even heat distribution throughout the surface of the grill.

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Ease of Use

The people at Weber designed the E210 to be more simple and practical than their other main brand, the Genesis series. The Spirit E210 features fewer control knobs which are all concentrated on the front of the unit. The stainless steel fold-down side tables, both left side and right, and convenient spaces to put your cooking utensils while the underside has some storage space too. It may be less than you want if you get the propane model though.


In terms of some extra bells and whistles, you can buy to enhance your barbequing experience, the Weber Spirit E210 has none. What it does have is a hood-mounted thermometer to control the cooking process in real-time. It isn’t pre-assembled, but all you need to do is assemble the cart and attach the components. Realistically, this should take about two hours.

Weber Spirit E210 Wrap Up

It may take longer to preheat, but at least the Weber Spirit E210 will ensure your meals are cooked thoroughly. It’s a shame it doesn’t come with any additional accessories, but sometimes bare-bone, minimalistic designs are good if you just want to cook a quick few burgers without having to set a bunch of things up.