Webcam Kill Switches and How They Work

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Updated September 22, 2022

Most of us attempt to forget that hackers can get into our webcam. However, even the best webcams can be compromised. But thankfully, select computer manufacturers are trying to combat this. Recently, HP introduced a “Kill Switch,” allowing computer owners an easy way to turn off their webcam devices. If you have questions about this, don’t worry. Below we’re going to discuss webcam kills switches and how they work.


  • HP introduced a webcam kill switch to specific computer models back in 2018.
  • The physical switch turns off the circuit connected to the webcam. It is meant to combat cybersecurity issues surrounding webcam hacks.
  • Not all Windows computer models come with hardware kill switches. In many cases, to switch off the webcam, you must uninstall the webcam driver.

Another important topic for anyone who needs a webcam is knowing that many devices can be substituted as webcams. For this, we have an article explaining what you can use as a webcam.

Insider Tip

Brush up on methods hackers use to infiltrate webcams, such as phishing emails or browser extensions. Doing this will significantly decrease your chances of being hacked.

Webcam Kill Switch: How It Works

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my webcam light on?” The light indicates that the webcam is active, which is why it should be super concerning when the light is on while you’re not using the camera. And before the kill switch, methods used to defend privacy were rudimentary.

We’ve all seen those cheap plastic webcam covers, or maybe you opted for a post-it note. But throwing a blanket over a looky-Lou isn’t the same as removing them from the premises. With a webcam kill switch, you can quickly shut off your webcam to ensure nobody is watching.


While the webcam kill switch completely switches off your camera, you still need to address the root cause. Make sure to run a virus and malware scare as soon as you think your webcam is hacked.

The kill switch is something that HP introduced to their line of Spectre computers back in 2018 to help address growing concerns over internet privacy. It’s a physical switch function that users can flip at any moment if they feel a threat from malicious software — or any creepy behavior. It functions as a circuit-breaking switch that cuts off the webcam recording, completely powering off the device hardware.

For those who want to get more familiar with your webcam device, check out our article explaining how to test a webcam. And if you’re experiencing any issues, we have a dedicated article explaining common reasons why your webcam isn’t working.

STAT: HP conducted a study that found that around 60% of computer users are so worried about webcam privacy violations that they cover their webcams. (source)

Where is the Webcam Kill Switch

The webcam kill switch is located on the side of the computer, near the front, towards the trackpad. There’s a small icon of a camera with a slash through it.

Webcam Kill Switches and How They Work FAQs

Do all laptops come with webcam kill switches?

Most laptops don't have physical kill switches. However, you can uninstall the webcam device driver. Still, it'll be a pain to uninstall and reinstall the software whenever you want to use the camera.

Does the kill switch work for external webcam devices?

No, it only works for the built-in laptop camera. External devices can be turned off by simply unplugging them.

Can apps access my webcam?

Many apps ask permission to access your webcam upon installation. To manage the app permission list, enter the computer's privacy settings.
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