Webcam Color Correction

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Updated September 12, 2022

Even the best webcams need a little help sometimes. If you’ve ever noticed that your video or streaming feed doesn’t look quite the way you want it to, you’ll understand why many use webcam color correction. No matter the model, some settings will always have to be tweaked. Keep reading to learn more about webcam color settings.


  • Most webcams have color correction built into their software.
  • Color correction settings allow you to ensure things like color intensity are correctly set, alongside a range of other benefits.
  • Some of the biggest reasons for using color correction settings include not having studio lighting, having high-intensity lighting, and needing to make color adjustments.

What Is Webcam Color Correction?

Simply put, webcam color correction is nothing more than tweaking the video settings on your webcam so that the image on your screen looks its best. Sure, you can use a video editor in post-production to switch up things like color balance and color temperature, but you don’t necessarily have to do so. Not to mention, starting with the best image possible is always best so that you have less to correct in the post.

Insider Tip

Adjusting the white balance will allow more true-to-life colors for things like skin tone.

It might also be worth comparing a 30fps webcam vs a 60fps model to see if your issue might be low frame rates. On that note, comparing IP cameras vs. webcams might help you figure out your ideal set-up.

How to Use Webcam Color Correction

Correcting your webcam’s color is as simple as opening the camera’s software and tweaking things like brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness, saturation, and white balance. Essentially, you’ll simply play with these settings until you find a combination that you like. Although many webcams have their own software for this, such as Logitech’s Capture program, many people use free third-party applications, such as OBS Studio, to manage their webcam settings.

Reasons to Use It

You Don’t Have Studio Lighting

Sometimes getting the right webcam footage can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a specialized USB webcam. The cheapest webcams available won’t have the same auto white settings as expensive models, which can cause problems with image quality. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my webcam so dark?” then it’s probably due to lighting issues.


Intense overhead lighting can severely affect the color of your video.

The Light Intensity is Too High

Some background light is excellent to have. However, too much of a good thing might not be, well, a good thing. Color correcting using your webcam settings allows you to adjust the white balance so that you aren’t getting a blown-out image in your video feed. You should also look into where to put a webcam to ensure the location is ideal for lighting conditions.

STAT: During a 2018 survey, 51 percent of respondents stated they used webcam-based interviews as a research method. (source)

Why Use Webcam Color Correction FAQs

Should I invest in an external webcam?

That depends on what you’re doing. If you just like to video chat with friends and family, then probably not. However, professionals and those looking to stream content should invest.

How do I adjust webcam settings?

You can generally tweak webcam settings by using the software the company provides. How you navigate to the settings section will vary from webcam to webcam, however.

What is an auto-white setting?

Auto white balancing refers to a camera’s ability to automatically adjust the white balance based on the light and color in the rest of the picture.

Are cheap options for webcams worth it?

While a cheap HD webcam might be enticing due to the price point, it’s generally better to just go with the more expensive option. This is because the cheaper version will lack several features and benefits.
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