Webble Footrest Is The Perfect Compliment To Your Herman Miller Chair

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Updated June 27, 2022

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Smart working starts with smart sitting.  Put don’t put too much cache in the chair, the feet matter too.  So much so to one guy that he created the Webble.  It’s a quirky and funny name which aptly (we ‘re not sure why) represents the product.

It’s a footrest that sits on 4 gliding casters.  The shape is very Herman Miller as is the flexible mesh finish that you lay your feet on.  The idea is that you can perch your feet and all the while shuffle them back in forth, much like a skate board.  If you’ve ever sat at a desk for hours on end then you know that the experience can become a leg numbing one, even with the most comfortable of chairs.  The Webble, at least in theory, should increase blood flow and hopefully negate that “ants in the pants” feeling after long periods of sitting.

The Webble is available in black, red and silver.  It costs $149.95

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