The best camping tent will keep you dry, but what about when you leave the tent?  One innovation that I have been waiting for in jackets is a jacket tough enough for an adventure and one that also has enough pockets for all of my gear, tech or otherwise. It’s not easy to find a unicorn like this, which you probably already know.

Keep Your Gear safe and Dry

This outerwear is no joke. It has room for all of your gear. You won’t have to worry about your best refracting telescope being damaged by the rain any longer. It can fit up to two camera lenses in sizes from 24mm-200mm and it will keep your accessories organized as well. It has a sunglasses pocket, water bottle pocket, memory card wallet, film pouch, battery pouch, a cable passthrough, lens filter and cap holder, iPad pocket, key clip, wallet pocket, map pocket, pen pocket, and much more.

And if carrying all of your gear like a pro isn’t enough, this jacket is made of all-weather resistant materials thanks to durable 3 layer fabric which is highly breathable and also temperature controlled. It accomplishes all of this while being lightweight and comfortable. It will make the great outdoors much more bearable. And if you’re looking for a cool tech jacket, take a look at the Acronym jacket with magnetic neck that magically holds your headphones.

Other features include a large YKK zipper for reliability and increased low light visibility thanks to a reflective Langly shield logo, which is only visible when hit with direct light or a flash. The back of the jacket is also cut longer for extra coverage. That will come in handy when crouching, bending over or kneeling. Two upper snap-flap cargo pockets protect gear from rain and dirt, while two lower snap-flap pockets are large enough to secure your lenses.

Weather-Shield 3 Layer Weatherproof Field Jacket
This 3 layer field jacket will keep you and your things dry.

The Coolest traveling Jacket We’ve Seen

This jacket also allows you to route your cables from the exterior to the interior upper pockets covertly. Another nice touch is the RFID pocket liners. The upper pockets protect your credit cards and passport.

There’s no question about it. This is the field jacket that adventuring photographers or any adventurer need to be wearing when trekking in the great outdoors. It comes in three color options: Black, olive, and Desert. Honestly, when it comes to jackets for travelers, it doesn’t get much better than this. Langly has put a lot of thought and detail into this jacket and the wearer gets to reap the benefits. This company knows how to engineer a jacket.


However, I think I may have found my perfect jacket in the form of this Weather-Shield 3 Layer Weatherproof Field Jacket from Langly.

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