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Wavekat P70: The Go-Kart of the Sea

Did someone say water Go-Kart?  That effectively explains the Wavekat P70. At least according to the manufacturer.

Utilizing an asymmetrical catamaran hull, the Wavekat P70 is not only stable on open waters, but provides exceptional speed, slipping through the water’s edge, even in waves (I’m not sure it can match this quadrofoil).  And with that allows the craft operator to perform 90 degree turns with little to no loss in speed.

And thanks to a “get in and drive” design, you won’t need any lessons before you can pilot this watercraft like a true expert.  You see, the cockpit is built like a car (full adjustable to the driver’s size), including a steering wheel and foot throttle system that is analogous to that of a land based vehicle.

Top speed you ask?  Up to 35 knots, though it would seem that you can add any engine that will fit its design.  That said, they recommend a Tohatsu 70 EPTOL 2-Stroke.  Total size is 380 x 169 x 152cm, with a weight of 463lbs (before adding the engine).

Price is $22,500 and it’s not clear if that does or doesn’t include the engine.

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