WaterColorBot 2.0 Turns Anyone Into Picasso

Have you ever looked at a painting and wish you could create such masterpieces? It happens to the best of us, especially those of us who have no artistic skills what so ever. While not everyone can be born with such amazing talents, those still looking to create their own masterpieces can now look to the WaterColorBot 2.0, a former Kickstarter project from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Super Awesome Sylvia. The second version of the  innovative artistic robot will take your digital art and turn them into watercolor pieces.

Bot Painting Machine

WaterColorBot 2.0

The WaterColorBot 2.0 easily connects to your computer and will turn whatever image you want into a watercolor work of art on paper. You literally just sit back and relax as the bot creates the masterpiece. All you have to do is snap a watercolor palette into place and its arm will recreate that digital image for you. But if you still want to lend some of your own artistic expertise (if you have any), you can easily connect it to your computer and then create your very own drawings on its screen and then it’ll paint it for you using watercolors. If you’re not antically inclined, you can choose any preloaded vector art.

No Assembly Required

The first version was the actual Kickstarter product, but this 2.0 version has some improvements, with the biggest one coming fully pre-assembled  and ready to use right out of the box. It also hosts an aluminum carriage with crossed linear roller bearings and more.

Use With Standard Supplies

There’s no need to go out and by any expensive proprietary supplies since the WaterColorBot works with standard and common watercolor paints, pens and paper that you can get at a regular craft store.

To be your own Picasso, get the WaterColorBot  for $295 and it also comes with a starter set of watercolor paints, paper and a brush.


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