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WatchStand Automatically Charges Your Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch coming out next month, it’s no surprise that businesses are already lining up to offer accessories and other money-making accouterments for Apple fans. Griffin has a head start on many with its WatchStand, an upcoming practical answer to one of the biggest flaws the iWatch has.

If you’re the sort to keep up on all the wearable specs, you probably know that the Apple Watch comes with a battery life of 18 hours. That’s not exactly a long time especially when mobile devices tend to get further away from their max charge the more they are used. We’re talking about a smartwatch that needs to be charged every day.

For consumers who aren’t looking forward to plugging the Apple Watch in every evening (with Apple’s new magnetic connector), there’s the WatchStand, which is indeed a Stand for your Watch. Its sleek pedestal is ideal for dropping your iWatch onto when you get home, and once on the angled perch your Watch will automatically start charging. The WatchStand uses the magnetic cable that comes with your Apple Watch, which means you have to feed it through the column during set up and keep the stand near a computer or outlet to get a charging source.


If you think a whole pedestal devote just to easy iWatch charging is too much, there’s an added benefit: The weighted base of the product includes a lip to hold up your iPhone and a grooved section for wrapping your phone charging cable around, creating a two-in-one charging base if necessary.

By using Apple’s own charging equipment, Griffin has managed to lower the price of the WatchStand considerably compared to other contact-based charging technologies. You can get one for $29.99 when it launches this summer.

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