Watch_Dogs Gameplay Blowout (Videos)

Here’s an interested series of media on Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft’s surveillance-simulator type open world action game. Looks like CVG got a special showing behind closed doors. The longer 24+ min video is our first glimpse at gameplay from the enhanced Playstation 4 version of the game. We also have a shorter video showing bits of the same footage with developer commentary from Creative Director Jonathan Morin. Morin runs dows some key bits of note. One of which is the difference between current gen and next verison of the game. Current gen is obviously Playstation 3 while next gen is for the upcoming Playstation 4. One of the key differences is “densisty”. You can expect many more civilians walks around and traffic on streets in the more technically advanced PS4 version.

We also get a bit more info on the background story for our protagonist. The game is based in and around a relatively accurate representations of modern day Chicago. But we find out, our anti-hero is not a native of the windy city. He is a man plagued by guilt. His disrespect for unfettered surveillance has brought untold hardship on his family. The extent of which is unknown as of yet. To further understand his inner turmoil, we’ll have to play the game.

Watch_Dogs will be available on Novemember 21, 2013 on current gen consoles and PC. Next gens systems are TBD.

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