Watch this Motorcyclist Speed Through Traffic at 186MPH (video)


You’d have to be nuts to ride a motorcycle 186mph through traffic.  Heck, you’d have to be a bit nuts to just ride a motorcycle, period.  The odds of you getting in an accident are something like a 15 fold (and that’s presumably at normal speeds) over that of someone in a car.  But with that caveat comes an adrenaline rush and the sensation of flying, or at least we’d guess.

And although this 25-year old, named  Randy George Scott, escaped death, he did not escape the long arm of the law after travelling at this ungodly speed.  Fortunately, he resides in Canada, so he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist and forced to drink a jug of maple syrup in one sitting.  Nevertheless, check out the above video.  It’s hard to tell just how fast he is going.  Autoblog is reporting that the speedometer at one point maxes out, so he very well could have been traveling faster than the aforementioned speed, but one thing is for sure, and that is this guy is absolutely nuts.

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