Watch EPIX 4K Ultra HD Movies On DISH

Not sure about DISH? Do you have any questions? Read What to Look for in the Best Satellite TV Service. Did you know that 4K Ultra HD televisions will make up half of all total digital displays sold this year in the United States? People are buying 4k sets at a great pace now, so naturally, we need more 4K content. There’s no doubt that 4K is what everyone wants and guess what? DISH is giving it to us.

A Great Selection Of 4K Movies

DISH wants you to have plenty of 4K content and so it has added EPIX’s entire catalog of 4K UHD movies to its on-demand lineup. Those of us with 4K TVs who are also DISH customers have something to celebrate. This endeavor makes DISH the first pay-TV provider to offer this catalog.

You’ll just need to be a DISH customer with a Hopper 3 or 4K Joey, have a 4K television, and a subscription to EPIX. Then you can have access to select movies in 4K. These aren’t just bottom of the barrel movies either, but decent Blockbusters. It includes movies like Arrival, The Magnificent Seven, Star Trek Beyond, Transformers: The Last Knight and more are arriving later in the year.

Do you like 007? James Bond fans are going to love this list of films that are coming later on, which include Goldfinger, Die Another Day, Goldeneye, License To Kill, Tomorrow Never Dies, From Russia With Love and The Spy Who Loved Me. Every one of those is a 007 classic and very worthy of the 4K treatment. Bond fans will not want to miss out on this.

Watch EPIX 4K Ultra HD Movies On DISH
DISH brings the 4K.

This News is Epix!

EPIX’s a la carte pricing will cost you just $7 per month and if you ask me, it’s worth every penny. Plus, all EPIX subscribers can access 4K UHD content through the authenticated EPIX Apple TV app. These 4k titles can also be watched on T-Mobile’s Layer3 TV company that is available in limited cities at the moment.

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