Update 7/3: Now 20% off on Watch Dogs Deluxe at $55.99 and Watch Dogs Standard at $47.99. Use coupon JUL20OFF

The free release day shipping deal from Microsoft Store is now dead but good news for the PC master race as PC pre-order is now 20% off at digital retailer GMG. We’ve updated all the links below too.

May 27th marks the release date of Ubisoft’s open world action adventure Watch_Dogs. The futuristic Grand Theft Auto-like title will start out at the standard $59.99 for all available platforms, which will include PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. For those looking to pre-order, you’ll want some sort of incentive to hand over your money before major reviews have been released.

We’ve scoured the trustworthy online retailers and compared their various bonuses (or lack thereof). In terms of straight up discounts, the best platform to pre-order for is on the PC, where you can get the game for $12 off. For the console, the Microsoft Store offers the best value as a pre-order incentive in the form of release day shipping and $15 worth of Xbox gift card. Details below!

Best Pre-Order Deals on Watch Dogs

For the PC:

Prices in UK/EU:

  • £30.00 / €40.00 for Standard after coupon above
  • £37.50 / €48.00 for Deluxe after coupon above

For the Xbox One and 360:

Free release day shipping! If you order from Microsoft Store by tomorrow May 22nd at 5 PM Pacific you won’t even need to step out of the house and you’ll be able to play on release day. Plus, receive $15 worth of Xbox Gift Card (in the form of a digital code) as an extra incentive to pre-ordering Watch_Dogs. This effectively make this a $45 game considering the “savings/credit” you’ll receive.

For those who are looking at pre-ordering a console version or would prefer a digital bonus, each major retailer offers a separate digital bonus depending on the platform you choose, check out the full tablet below.

Watch Dogs Pre-Order Comparison Table

Retailer PC Xbox One Xbox 360 PS4 PS3
Microsoft no bonus Free $15 Xbox Gift Card
+ release day ship
not available
GameStop Blume Agent Pack Palace Pack
Amazon $5 Credit,
Signature Shot
+ Blume Agent Pack
Signature Shot Pack
Walmart no bonus Cyberpunk Pack
Best Buy no bonus Breakthrough Pack + $10 Rewards
G2A $46.62
($13.37 discount)
not available
GameFly $47.99
(coupon MAY20OFF)
not available


If you’re looking for the outright cheapest, there are a few decent PC options available. Buying for the Xbox One or Xbox 360 makes sense at the Microsoft Store, where you’ll get release day shipping if you pre-order by May 22nd at 5 PM Pacific. The MS Store is also throwing in a $15 bonus Xbox gift card, which is actually a digital code received via email and redeemable on Xbox LIVE.

Which DLC Pack Is For You?

If you’re looking to pre-order based solely on extra in-game content, there’s quite a bit to consider. It appears most PC gaming retailers (not all) will give you a free “Blume Agent Pack”, though physical copies don’t necessarily get them. When we’re looking at console versions, it’s broken down by retailer. Below is an explanation of the packs.

Blume Agent Pack: You’ll find this pack at most PC digital retailers, but oddly not in physical PC copies of the game. The pack includes a Blume Outfit and Blume Weapon Perk which grants less recoil on shots.

The Palace Pack: A GameStop exclusive for all console versions. This will get you an exclusive single player mission and two unlocks after completing it: 1) Investigation bonus and 2) ATM Hack Boost.

Signature Shot Pack: While this is Amazon’s exclusive, it’s very similar to GameStop’s Palace Pack. You’ll get an exclusive mission which will unlock two bonuses: 1) Black Viceroys Outfit and 2) Biometric Assault Rifle.

Breakthrough Pack: Best Buy’s bonus for the console versions includes another exclusive single player mission plus a Vehicle Expert Perk reward for completing the mission.

Cyberpunk Pack: Walmart’s exclusive includes two Theme Pack rewards: 1) Cyberpunk Gun (one-handed automatic weapon) and 2) Cyberpunk Outfit.

PlayStation Exclusive Content: Every copy pre-ordered for the PS3 or PS4 will get you access to a few extra bonuses regardless of where you pre-order.

  • Four Exclusive Missions
  • Additional 60 minutes of gameplay
  • White-Hat Hacker Outfit
  • Additional battery pack (hack twice as much)

Note: Later in 2014, Ubisoft will launch Watch Dogs for the Wii U. However, no pre-order deals have appeared yet for that platform.

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  2. Or of course, you could use the GMG code to get the PC Digital Deluxe edition and get ALL of the preorder bonus content (including the Sony “exclusives”). PC Master Race FTW.

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