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Watch Bob Burnquist Grind A Floating Skateboard Ramp (Video)

One of the fascinating things about the Internet is how it’s made stunts more possible. Before, building a floating skateboard ramp would have been a ridiculous proposition, because nobody would hear about it. Now? Now everyone can, so it actually gets built.

Skate Or… Drown?

floating ramp 2

Bob Burnquist was challenged to do this by California’s tourism board; they wanted to show off the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. The concept, of course, is rather simple: Build a ramp on a raft and float it. The reality, though, is that actually doing this is a lot trickier than it looks. As anybody that’s been on a raft can tell you, they’re not the most stable of floating structures, so it had to be designed to be stable even with a pro skater doing tricks off of it. It also needed to, well, not sink; it weighs nearly four tons.

Ramping It Up

The ramp is a fairly straightforward design, of course; the team wound up using the standard material of wood to put together Burnquist’s vision. The real trick, of course, was getting the engineering right. Sadly, there aren’t too many details about how the team made such a stable raft, but the proof is in the skating; for a silly Internet stunt, Burnquist’s ramp is a well-engineered little floating attraction.

Hit The Ramp

floating ramp1

There’s no word on what will ultimately happen to this ramp; eventually, of course, being on a lake will mean that the elements will have their way with it. But even if it’s left for local kids to go flying off of into the water, it will at least stand, well, float, as a monument to what human beings can do when they’ve got a goofy idea. And a state marketing budget, but hey, Burnquist has to get paid.

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