Looking for the best washing machine? Have a look at this. Are you concerned that harsh chemicals are still in the fabric after you wash them?

Get Rid of Stains and Bacteria

The Washwow 2.0 portable washing device takes care of these concerns and more. Are you worried about pesticides on your fruit or vegetables? It will take care of that too. Yes, you read that right. It will help get the pesticides off of your food.

It’s a new way to wash your clothes using electrolysis so that you can be cleaner and healthier.  Washwow uses wireless charging technology to make it easy to keep the device charged up. When fully charged, it will clean your clothes 6 times and the device charges in 6 hours.

It uses the reactive oxygen species which generated by the electrolysis of water to decompose the dirt on your clothes. The machine’s interior is coated with noble metal which can create positive and negative electrodes. The components OH, O, O2, O3, On, HnOn can decompose the organic dirt into water and carbon dioxide or others, and hypochlorous acid has an antibacterial effect to make bacteria and dust mites get off of your clothes.

Washing your clothes is easy when you’re at home with your washer and dryer, but what about when you are traveling or camping? That’s not so easy. What about your baby’s clothes?

Washwow 2.0 Portable Washing Device
Washwow 2.0 cleans your clothes on the go.

The Health Device that’s Also a Washing Machine

Since the Washwow cleans without any detergent, this means zero pollution and zero radiation. It boasts a bacterium elimination rate of 99.98%. If you are cleaner, with less detergent residue on your clothes, you are going to be much healthier. It will also get the stains your washing machine can’t get out.

It’s simple to use too. Just set the device for how many minutes you want to wash by rotating the top portion once for 20 minutes or two times for 25 minutes. Washwow will shut off automatically when it’s done. Next, put your clothes in a waterproof container and add water and the Washwow. That’s it. Your clothes will be fresh and clean.

Want pesticide-free fruit? Wash it with Washwow for just 5 minutes. Why stop at fruit and vegetables? Use it to clean your child’s pacifier and teething toys too. I’d say the Washwow is aptly named. It’s pretty impressive. Now you’ll always have fresh clothes no matter where you are.

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