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Washington Right to Repair

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Updated November 15, 2021

The Washington right to repair law is answering a cry from technology consumers. For years, consumers have been facing the dilemma of throwing away their expensive gadgets because they cannot meet the repair cost. Should they dispose of the phone or dig deep into their pockets for a screen repair? Unfortunately, the only way to get a quality repair service is through a costly repair from the original manufacturer.


  • The introduction of the right to “Repair to Repair” bill in Washington was on January 21st, 2021.
  • The Interconnection founder, Charles Brennick, representing 3R technology, also supports passing the right to repair bill.
  • Zero Waste’s president, Sally Wolf, equates the benefits of repairing your phone and staying with it for many years to removing 14,000 cars off the road.

A consumer can purchase another device advantageous to technology manufacturers for some more cash because the cycle never ends. Since the repair of these devices is restrictive and preys on consumers’ reliance on technology, the number of e-waste increases. This trend rises because most people will prefer dumping the phones rather than repairing them. This trend is the reason why the “Right to Repair’ law is necessary. As is the case regarding the right to repair laws in Nebraska.

More Details About Bill HB1212

Also referred to as the “Right to Repair” bill, the introduction of HB1212 to the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Business in Washington was on January 21st, 2021. Electronic manufacturers will provide third-party parties with fair and reasonable access to tools, information, and parts that are essential for repair if the bill passes.

Most manufacturers cannot divulge a lot of information about repairing their electronic devices with original tools and parts. So, this disclosure keeps the repair costs high, difficult, and time-consuming. But, on the other hand, if consumers can access these original parts and tools affordably, they can save money and increase the number of technicians who can service the millions of electronic devices. In the south, people in the construction industry are breathing a sigh of relief due to the new right to repair laws in Texas

The Need for the Right to Repair Law

Charles Brennick, the interconnection founder, spoke to the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business on behalf of HB1212. Mr. Brennick, who represents 3R Technology, spoke about the increasing requests from consumers for affordable technologies. As many people can access affordable quality repairs, students or people from low-income households can also access affordable technology. 

There is a need for refurbished computers. But the way manufacturers glue together parts of computers with no documentation makes it challenging to refurbish computers. If there were support on this bill from manufacturers, it would be easy to avoid dangerous situations during repairs. 

Lastly, one of the main reasons for pushing this bill is that it will help reduce e-waste. The Zero Waste Washington board president is Sally Wolf. She said that If a consumer stays with their phone for many years without getting a new one, it would be equivalent to removing 14 000 cars off the road.  So, since some of the common reasons people buy new devices are faulty batteries or scratched screens, knowing how to repair these parts will reduce dumping damaged phones. 

Insider Tip

The Zero Waste Washington board president is Sally Wolf. She said that If a consumer stays with their phone for many years without getting a new one, it would be equivalent to removing 14 000 cars off the road.


Does Samsung Support the Right to Repair law?

Samsung has an increase in its authorized repair providers. However, Samsung still has control over who repairs its products. As a result, many shops across the country do not have access to the official resources used by Samsung.

Is it illegal to repair your phone?

“Right-to-repair” is trying to make the manufacturer allow other people to obtain the information they use, parts, and tools for consumers to make repairs by themselves.

Does Apple fix software issues?

Apple will diagnose the issue with your smartphone and offer a free service for replacing the iOS software.

STAT: Apple designed its AirPods so that owners would not replace their batteries without demolishing the gadgets. (source)