WARN 78950 ProVantage Straight Blade

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Warn 78950 Provantage Straight Blade is a snow plow blade made for a ATV plow system, which is made out of thick 12 gauge steel with reinforcing ribs to make sure you are using a quality, heavy duty blade. This Warn Provantage plow system features a low friction center mounting kit that delivers an exceptional performance. The straight plow blade adds extra stability and rigidity for the best ATV snow plow. This front mount is going to hold your plow blades just right, especially for high ground clearance. The front mount is easily installed and can be removed. But the blades are only used by some of the best motorcycles, i.e. ATVs.

Why We Like It – WARN 78950 ProVantage Straight Blade

The Warn 78950 Provantage Straight Blade is an excellent steel plow blade made from thick 12 gauge steel. It is heavy duty and durable, with a center crossmember for added rigidity. The boxed design adds extra support and you can be confident you are using an excellent snow plow blade. If you want to try out a powerful battery for your Honda, read the Upstart battery ub ytx12 bs review.

  • Durable
  • Easy to mount
  • 12 gauge steel
  • Heavy


An extra feature of this plow blade is the low friction powder coating that helps keep material off the blade. The plow base is sturdy and it automatically trips forward when striking an immovable object. This Warn Provantage straight safety feature helps protect the plow assembly from damage. The Warn plow, manufactured in the United States, has this safety feature as well as a push tube assembly, spring tension system, and adjustable attack angle. Like the Black Boar 9 Position Adjusts 66016, you are definitely getting what you were looking for with this Provantage ATV snow blade. You can also compare it with the performance of the blade in our Warn 80954 provantage 54 review.


The cool thing about this design is that you could turn your Provantage power blade into a powerful bucket loader with a 200 pound capacity. The design gives you a 60° dump angle, which means you’ll be able to get much more done in less time. There are other accessories you can add, as long as you’ve got the right part number, but with this, you pretty much get all you need. Much like the Extreme Max 5500 5010 Uniplow One Box, the front mount system makes it easy to convert your ATV into an effective snowplow. This item is not for use with center mount plows and is not compatible with tapered plow blades.


For the money you’re spending on the plow blade, you’re going to get a strong, durable, 14 gauge high strength steel, which has 3/16 inch outer blade ribs that offer superior originally and strength. Also, like the Warn 79403 Provantage Front Mount, each blade includes a replaceable steel ware bar and heavy-duty plates with the zinc finish so you know you are getting strength and quality. When you look at other customer reviews, you can see that compared to other snow blades for ATVs at this price, you are getting top-quality for an affordable rate.

WARN 78950 ProVantage Straight Blade Wrap Up

The Warn 78950 Provantage Straight Blade is all made from thick 12 gauge steel with reinforcing ribs, a sturdy box design and a center crossmember. The white plow base is stable, extra-large, and durable… delivering an exceptional performance. This, for sure, will give you the ATV attachment plow blade that you need. The center mount pivots smoothly and is precise, giving you years of service. For the price, you can be happy getting a quality plow system that adds extra stability to the ATV during your snow plow operations.

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