Waring Xtreme Blender Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you’re trying to find the best commercial blender to use as a restaurant equipment, cheap blenders won’t really cut it. You need to go for a great blender, irrespective of its price. That’s exactly where the Waring Xtreme Blender comes in.

Why We Like It – Waring Xtreme Blender

The majority of high-speed commercial blenders at this range come with plastic pitchers. However, the Waring Xtreme Blender from Waring’s “Hi Power Blender” range comes with a Raptor Copolyester container. On top of that, it provides extremely high performance with its 3.5-horsepower motor.

  • 64 oz copolyester container
  • High power blender base
  • LCD display with blue backlight for viewing the settings
  • The base is pretty ugly looking


The Waring Xtreme Hi Power Blender comes with a high performance 3.5 horsepower motor. It’s more than enough for providing a medium scale restaurant supply on demand. However, if you’re someone who needs even more power, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Food Processor is not a bad option either.

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It’s a variable speed blender, and the available speed options complement the high power base perfectly. On top of that, you also get pulse paddle switches in order to control the pulse function. However, if you prefer having even more control and auto modes, you need to spend more on Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender.


The pitcher is made out of a BPA free copolyester material and is dishwasher safe. However, according to a few customer reviews, the jar pad leaks some sort of black substance during heavy blending into the drink. Now, that doesn’t paint a good picture at all for this blender. None of the other related products (even the cheaper NutriBullet 1200 Watt Blender) exhibit a similar issue.

Versatility & Attachments

One problem you might face with this blender is its reliance on a high capacity power source. It draws a lot of power from the wall, and a 20 AMP wall outlet is pretty much mandatory if you’re planning to buy this high-speed blender.


If you really need a commercial blender to use as a restaurant equipment, this is a good pick up. And, depending on your area, you should also be able to easily get free shipping from Amazon. On top of that, you get a three-year motor warranty upon purchase (valid only in the United States) too, and Waring’s customer service is incredibly helpful, to say the least.

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Waring Xtreme Blender Wrap Up

Overall, the Waring Xtreme Blender is a really good high performance blender. Granted, there are quite a few issues, and the unit itself is not much of a looker either. But you won’t get this kind of power and performance from many other blenders.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image