Wanna Be Korean Roomba Vacuum

Since our Korean needs a little brushing up (God, I cant help myself with these damn puns) we’re gonna make an educated guess based on the pics. So yes, you are probably thinking what we’re thinking: it’s a glorified Roomba vacuum with a Korean touch. This sucker is called the Ottoro and is made by Hanool products. It actually looks like a vacuum unlike the Roomba, and incorporates an ‘eye’ at its front to guides its path. The 6 top mounted buttons probably allow for programming and we assume a manual dock as its connection is made from the rear where it has no guidance system to our knowledge. The available accessories make it appear as though remote operation is available, but with a broken translated English page, we really just don’t know. Run time is 1 hour and takes 3 hours to charge.

Here is a poorly translated company page describing this “super” smart vaccum.

Available here for an unknown price.

Via AvingNews

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