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Updated February 1, 2023
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The W Wallke X3 Pro easily ranks as one of our top picks as for the best ebike for hills, given its W PAS and fat tires. The aluminum alloy frame material makes it fairly lightweight and reduces the stress put on its Samsung lithium battery, and couldn’t be easier to transport given its foldable frame.

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Why We Like It – Wallke X3

The W Wallke X3 Pro is wildly utilitarian as mountain bikes go: it has fat tires and can easily be folded for transport and storage. This ebike features a full-suspension front fork, a Samsung lithium battery, and its lightweight aluminum alloy frame material so making tighter turns is far easier, guaranteeing a better riding experience.

  • Folding frame.
  • Fat tires for mountain snow or sandy beaches.
  • Full-color display shows battery life and odometer.
  • Breaks can be loud.
  • Missing or loose parts for deliveries.

Durability & Build Quality

Mountain snow and harsh rain aren’t a problem thanks to the Wallke X3’s fat tires and sturdy frame material, just like the Tomasar Power electric mountain bike. This fat tire folding ebike offers full suspension to provide a better riding experience and won’t break down, easily putting it in the running for the best electric fat bike that we’ve seen in some time. The only downside is that some customers have complained of its two-disc hydraulic brake system can be loud, and rarely may be missing or have loose parts.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Unlike the Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch bike, this electric mountain bike gets up to roughly 30Mph with W PAS and can accelerate fairly quickly. Though, it’s only 3 miles faster than the Vtuvia fat tire. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame material makes starting and stopping a breeze mountain snow or not. The Wallke X3 Pro has fat tires offering greater grip and a double-disc hydraulic brake system for control over your speed in city transit or rugged terrain. While not as impressive as the E-Cells Super Monarch Crown, this fat tire folding bike is an excellent option at a fraction of the price.

Range & Battery

Unlike the Jetson Bolt Pro folding electric bike, the W Wallke X3 Pro electric bike can travel 60 – 70 miles on a full charge with pedal assist, or W PAS, better than the HalloMotor 5000W FC-1 we covered, and sports a Samsung lithium battery. The color display offers an odometer and battery life so you aren’t caught off guard in the middle of nowhere. The Wallke also offers three levels of pedal assist that can be easily adjusted on the fly hassle-free to accommodate your preferred riding experience.

Safety features

The Wallke X3 Pro is built with its user’s safety in mind and offers USB taillights, a headlight, and a double-disc hydraulic brake system for better cornering. The full-color display hosts the X3 Pro’s W PAS so you determine how fast you want to go and is easily changed with the press of a button. The aluminum alloy frame material makes this fat tire folding electric bike light when put up against a competing rigid type mountain bike making it a contender for the best ebike for heavy riders.


When put up against competing similar fat tire electric bikes the Wallke X3 Pro is a stunningly cheap option, all the more given its folding frame and high-quality aluminum alloy frame material. Its rechargeable Samsung lithium battery, full suspension, and shock absorption make it a superb investment for the economically minded especially when stacked against electric bikes like the Haibike Sduro Hardseven 2.0, which is easily twice as expensive as the Wallke X3.

Wallke X3 Wrap Up

The W Wallke X3 is a great option for its low price, if not for its applications. Competition is steep as ebikes go, but if you take anything away from this electric bike review it should be that the Wallke X3 offers a safe riding experience that doesn’t compromise for a good time.

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