Everybody loves board games, with many naming Scrabble as their ultimate favorite classic board game. Popular with kids and adults sine 1949, Scrabble is taken to new heights (literally) with the Wall Scrabble Jumbo board game from Restoration Hardware.

Super Big

The board game has been transformed into a monster board that can be hung on your wall. The board is 80″W x 3″D x 59″H! It’s super big and will make a statement anywhere you place it. The dramatically oversized wall-mounted game can be played by the entire family or by the entire office since all will see it and be able to play their word. The letters are kept on the board via magnets. It comes with four magnetic tile racks with chalkboard backs and they can easily detach from the board during gameplay and can also be used to store each player’s tiles on the board with that player’s name facing out so you can keep track of who is playing the game. The gigantic board features a solid wood farm and trim that’s durable and will sustain years of play and use. If you’re a lover of board games you will love our review on how the monopoly live board game kills dice and money, & institutes god-like tower computer.

Just Like The Original

Wall Scrabble

Other than its jumbo size, nothing else is really different about this Scrabble board. It still has everything its smaller tabletop predecessors have like a fabric bag filled with letter tiles (of course just bigger). You can even keep score on the built-in chalkboard! You just have to keep an eye on the score to make sure no one erases a score or cheats! It even sports vintage graphics from the very original 1949 edition, making it a great statement piece for those who like vintage decor.

But unlike the original, this board game is anything but cheap. Restoration Hardware is knowns as being a luxury retailer, with the price of Wall Scrabble going for $1,495.


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