Could this be the new best washing machine? This Wall-Mounted Washing Machine Concept is pretty interesting, if a little impractical. It seems too small to do a lot of good — though, say you needed a shirt and pants washed for a date, and this would get it done real fast. Where’s the wall-mounted dryer, though? I guess you could use this tiny dryer. For another washing machine that’s not like anything else you’ve ever seen, take a look at our human washing machine (yes you must be naked, no there will be no happy ending) review. And I like how simple the design is. But I have a feeling this might be in the “concept” stage for a while before anything similar gets made. For another new kind of washing machine that’s already being produced, take a look at our review of the Sanyo air wash washing machine. In the meantime, I have my eye on the Kenmore Elite 41072 Washing Machine – Best Budget Washing Machine.

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