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The Walkera QR X800 FPV may not seem like a best professional drone, but it’s stable flying experience and long battery life will make you think differently. Sure, it may not have a built-in camera, but this just means you won’t have to contend with cameras you don’t like and can equip it with one you do.

Why We Like It – Walkera QR X800

The Walkera QR X800 may seem like a bottom-level drone at first glance, but that’s not the truth at all. In fact, top speed shouldn’t really matter when compared to flight time. The control system also has a very high range capacity, and a durable design allows it to be knocked around a bit and still keep going.

  • Great, Stable Flying Experience
  • Long Flight Time
  • Supports 2 Axes of Rotation
  • Slow Speed
  • No Built-In Camera


The Walkera QR X800 isn’t exactly a fast drone. Most customer reviews place the speed of the drone at about 10mph. If you want something faster, try the DJI Inspire 2. However, speed isn’t necessarily everything. The effortless work of the brushless motors, of which there are four in total, not only give a better flying experience overall but a smoother, more stable time as well.


The control range on the Walkera QR X800 is about 2,000 meters which is pretty good for a quadcopter-style drone. The flight time on the Walkera is an impressive 40 minutes too and can be increased to 60 minutes under optimal conditions. This even beats out most DJI models, including the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which is something Walkera should be very proud of.


The Walkera comes with four carbon fiber propellers which not only add to stability during flight but also enhance the durability of the wings and drone as a whole. The retractable landing gear is a nice added touch, and in fact the foldability of the drone really helps portability. And while lightweight, it’s still durable enough to bump into a few things and still keep flying.

Camera Features

It’s hard to speak about camera features because the drone doesn’t come with its own built-in camera. However, the unit does come with a brushless gimbal that will keep any camera you put on it stable while flying and recording. This also means you don’t have to contend with a camera you don’t like or is too powerful and can use a camera you prefer. But if you do want a built-in camera, check out the DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Drone.


You will have to build the drone yourself and the main control board will be the centerpiece of it all. But don’t worry. The instructions are detailed and it shouldn’t take you too long to put it all together. The X800 is also known to support two axes of rotation which, again, aids in keeping the external camera focused and stable. Further, the drone comes with a remote controller which will be a lot easier to manage than your phone will.

Walkera QR X800 Wrap Up

The Walkera QR X800 is a fantastic little drone that will get you up and flying in no time and for a long time. While the top speed may not be all that impressive to talk about, its battery life and durable design sure are. I would love to tell you whether it’s worth buying this a camera of your choosing, but the drone is currently unavailable on Amazon.

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