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Walkera F210 Racing Quadcopters have three flight modes to ease newcomers into the art of flying a drone and an 800 meter control range so they can practice using the camera to control a drone that is near them. It’s features like these you would look for in the best FPV drone and even the best follow me drone.

Why We Like It – Walkera F210

The Walkera F210 is an impressive racing drone that takes the top speed of a high-end drone, in this case 50 miles per hour, and puts it into an entry-level drone. Combine this with a carbon fiber construction and you have a drone that can not only blast through the air, but get right back up if it crashes.

  • Three Flight Modes
  • Easy to Remove and Replace Parts
  • 800 Meter Control Range
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Camera not HD


Walkera F210 Racing Drones possess a very impressive top speed of 50 miles per hour. Fantastic for an entry level drone, it rivals even the more high-end FPV racing drones. If you want a little slower so you can get your bearings, check out the Holy Stone HS200. But bear in mind the F210 has three flight modes to optimize flight performance based on your skill level: stabilize, intermediate, and advanced.


Where the F210 excels in speed and performance, it lags a little behind in flight time. With eight to nine minutes available on a single-charge it can still beat the ImmersionRC Vortex 180, but you’ll still need to invest in some extra batteries to replace them when they run out. Eight to nine minutes just isn’t enough time to practice drone racing in a meaningful capacity.


As you may have already guessed, the F210 is designed for speed and is thus lightweight, However, this doesn’t stop it from coming constructed with carbon fiber like most other racing drones, such as the Arris C250 V2. This makes it capable of standing up to even the most violent of crashes. The modular design also allows you to easily remove and replace parts as needed.

Camera Features

The Walkera F210 comes with a 700TVL high-resolution camera. It’s not an HD camera, but it should still get the job done. One of the coolest things about the camera, though, is that it has night vision capabilities. Believe it or not, most entry-level drones don’t have this. If you can only find time to practice flying at night, you’ll find a friend in the F210.


There’s still more the F210 has to offer. The F3 Flight Controller is high performance and offers a more stable connection so you can easily control the drone. The control range is an impressive 800 meters too. Absolutely incredible for an entry-level model. Just be aware that local laws limit the distance a user can be from their drone to 200 meters in some areas. Be sure to check what drone laws are in your area.

Walkera F210 Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a drone so you can get into the exciting world of drone racing, you’d do well to review Walkera F210’s features to see if it’s the right drone for you. Fast, sturdy, and with a long-distance control range, the F210 is an excellent stepping down to more advanced, high-end drones.

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