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Walk By Scrabble Board Gives Players With No Time More

Walk By Scrabble Board

Finding time in your day to sit down with family members is tough enough in this ever demanding world.  So it stands to reason that you’ll likely never have time to plop yourself in front of a game of the classic Scrabble.  Unless of course the power goes out and your snowed in.  But how often does that happen?

The Walk By Scrabble Board is just what you need to keep your spouse and kids engaged in a game of brains, competitions and interaction with the family.  The board is composed of tin and each scrabble piece has a small magnets adhered to its back, keeping it stuck in place no matter the Earth’s gravitation pull.  An adjacent white board allows players to keep score, as well as post messages to other house mates, such as “clean up your room”, or “you can’t spell to save your life”.  Also included is a dry erase marker, an eraser, and removable hooks to hang keys.

Hammacher sells the Walk by Scrabble Board for $30.

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