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Wahoo Fitness Balance Smartphone Scale Review

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are times when technology doesn’t seem to be needed: hairbrushes don’t need to be networked and forks don’t need electric motors driving moving parts. So where’s the value in upping the game of the lowly weight scale — especially since most people wish they had never stepped on it once the needle spins to a (greater) number than the last time it was used? But what if the scale could perform other tasks that could aid in benefiting the health of the person using it? That would make it valuable. So that’s exactly what the Wahoo Fitness Balance Smartphone Scale does.

Wahoo scale BMI

First, the obvious. It’s flat and can be stood upon. A glass top gives off a svelte and attractive look, with a small LCD window to peer into for seeing the numbers tallying up the weight.  that’s no different than other scales, but that’s only the analog side of things. If you’ve an iPhone 4S through 5, or an iPad 3-4 or Mini, opening the Wahoo Wellness app that’s been downloaded from the App Store means digital can now take over — showing the weight but also the person’s Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a useful tool for gaining information about weight and how it pertains to the person as it is a measure of body fat that is based on height and weight.

But because the connection is done through Bluetooth, whoever is standing on the scale with the app open only sees the information pertaining to themselves, and without having to “tell” the scale who’s standing on it’s “face” (as it were). Of course the fact that the person’s initials appear on the LCD screen kind of gives this away.

Wahoo scale side view

Now I exercise regularly, run and do weight training, but can’t seem to shake off those 10 pounds that are bothering the heck out of me.. At least that’s what I thought about when I got on the scale and read the 204 lbs.. there. I’ve loaded in the Wahoo Wellness app, synced my iPhone 5 to the scale, which has been juiced up with 2 “AA” batteries and was ready to go — there’s no On/Off switch so I’m assuming it will start once I stood on it. I also didn’t have to “zero” the scale as it did this automatically.

I had already created a profile so all I needed to do was look at the app as it displayed my weight and BMI. I could see that it also provided other details such as a history for holding onto my weight score over tim. Since it holds up to 130 past weighing-ins, there’s little excuse for not confronting the truth or feeling good about the change made from one weighing to the next.

Wahoo scale app

Bottom line: The Wahoo Fitness Balance Smartphone Scale won’t take the place of discipline and determination, but it will provide factual and correct information that can lead to getting one’s weight under control — or more akin to what the person thinks it should be. Plus there are a number of other apps that will function with the scale as well. Rather than spending a few bucks for an analog needle that swings back and forth and doesn’t say a word, I suggest opting in for a $79.99 digital scale that can “talk” you through taking charge of controlling your weight.

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