VTUVIA SN100 Review

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Updated March 2, 2023
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The Vtuvia Fat Tire Gravel E Bike is exceptionally durable, with a completely waterproof and snowproof design, an aluminum alloy frame, and shock-absorbing fat tires. Having been one of the best gravel E-bikes over this past year, the Vtuvia Fat Tire is a good choice, especially if you want to buy the best electric bike.

Why We Like It – VTUVIA SN100

The Vtuvia Fat Tire’s durable and waterproof design has an aluminum alloy frame and shock-absorbing fat tires for comfort. Lastly, the 750w turbo motor can hit speeds up to 27 MPH, getting you wherever you are going in as little time as possible. For a bike with less power (e.g. 500W), open the Voltbike elegant review.

  • Top speed 27 MPH
  • Wear-resistant and shock-absorbing fat tires
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission system
  • Battery gets max 25 miles per charge
  • Requires some assembly

Durability & Build Quality

Made from an aluminum alloy, this electric bike is on par with some electric mountain bikes like the Yamaha Wabash though it’s not on the same level as the latter, as Vtuvia SN100 can’t match the battery power of the Yamaha.

But, if you’re just strolling the beaches, you’ll want to look into the best electric beach cruiser instead.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to shell out thousands for a new bike, you might want to buy a used ebike.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Many loved the 750-watt turbo motor, which can reach speeds up to 27 miles per hour, a speed most electric bicycles can’t quite hit. The stability-enhancing Shimano 7-speed transmission system. Looking for a great hill climber? Check out the Wallke X3 review. Since it’s not one of the top electric hunting bikes, it might not be powerful enough for you hunters.

Additionally, if you’re having problems with your motor, you’ll want to turn to our ebike motor repair guide.

Range & Battery

This bike arrives semi-assembled but does require an hour or two of work in order to make it roadworthy. Additionally, the removable lithium battery maxes out at 25 miles per charge, and this metric decreases considerably as you approach the 330-pound load capacity. With a maximum speed of 28 mph without the need for continuous pedaling. It has a 750w motor, but it can help you reach a speed of 28 miles per hour. In fact, since this one is faster, you won’t want to even read our Haibike Xduro review.

Safety features

The dual disc brakes on this gravel e-bike are also of exceptional quality and performed admirably according to the reviews left by those who were able to thoroughly test the bike on their own. For two more bikes that have great safety features, check out our Trek Domane review and our Toxozers electric trike review.


While the bike may have free shipping, it’s not quite clear on the website, but regardless the price point is cheaper than the competition, like the Giant Revolt E+ Pro, which is a bike that is nearly four times the price.

So, if you find this in a marked-down, affordable ebikes section, you’ll want to pick it up immediately.

VTUVIA SN100 Wrap Up

While not as highly rated as the Specialized Turbo Creo SL due to the required assembly and the low distance you can go off the single battery, if 25 miles is far enough, though, the positives, like the high speed, are far better than the negatives.

So, if you’d like a bike that can take you 70 miles on a single charge, you’ll want to read our Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro review.

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