Why is My VPN Not Connecting?

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Updated September 12, 2022

Maintaining a connection to the best VPN service can make a massive difference in patching up any security flaws in your system. However, this security software can be a little tricky, which might leave you asking, “Why is my VPN not connecting?” If you’re experiencing VPN connection issues, keep reading to find out why this might be.


  • If your VPN service is not connecting, it might be because you have a faulty internet connection.
  • If the server you’re connecting to has too many users, this can cause issues with connecting.
  • An outdated VPN client software can cause all sorts of bugs.

Reasons for Your VPN Not Connecting

Establishing a secure connection to your VPN service is critical to security protocols. There are a few reasons why you might be having some issues connecting. You might want to also look into the best VPN for Firestick, as well as the best VPN for multiple devices, to ensure you’re always protected.

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You can switch VPN servers if your VPN connection seems to be poor.

Internet Connection is Slow

Internet speeds can cause a whole host of issues for multiple reasons. One of them is that they can prevent a VPN connection from happening. The first step in troubleshooting should be checking for a stable connection to the internet. If you’re wondering, “Why does my VPN keep disconnecting?” this is also a common reason for that.

VPN Servers are Overloaded

VPN servers can sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of folks trying to use them. Because of this, you might experience issues when trying to connect. However, your VPN provider has thousands of servers available, so this isn’t the end of the world. All you have to do is check the server list and go with other server options that aren’t overloaded.


A slow network connection can cause your VPN to stop working.

Outdated VPN Software

This is perhaps one of the most common issues that users run into. Like any other software, your VPN will require updates to fix bugs and other problems. If you haven’t updated in a while, check your VPN client software to see what updates are available. For more information on VPNs and related services, look into what Smart DNS is. You can also compare a VPN vs. Wi-Fi.

STAT: Cisco AnyConnect led the global virtual private networks (VPN) software industry in 2021 with a market share of 29.04 percent, closely followed by Cisco VPN and Juniper VPN, who accounted for 25.73 and 11.19 percent of the market share, respectively. (source)

Why is My VPN Not Connecting FAQs

Can security software interfere with my VPN?

A VPN connection can easily be interrupted by the other security measures you’ve taken. Your antivirus software might mistakenly think the VPN is a security hazard and block it.

What is VPN client software?

VPN client software is the front-end area that you can access. This is the program that opens up when you want to change settings for your VPN or look at the thousands of servers available.

What is a VPN protocol?

A VPN protocol sets the standard for encrypting and transmitting data between your computer, the VPN software, and the internet. There are several different types.

Can I get a VPN provider for my mobile devices?

There are absolutely virtual private networks available for your phone. In fact, getting a mobile VPN service is super easy. The one you use on your computer might already have a mobile option.
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