Voxan Wattman Motorcycle Is Fast, Powerful… And Electric?


This is not an electric motorcycle for kids. Oh no. Behold its beauty.

Electric vehicles, when they’re discussed, are generally discussed in terms of cars. But what about motorcycles? Unlike cars, motorcycles are lighter, faster and easier to make and sell. Which is why Voxan is currently talking up the virtues of their Wattman bike.

Watts To Miles

There’s no denying the Wattman is a powerful machine. The Voxan motor inside uses permanent magnets and liquid cooling to ensure that the Wattman fires up right away, and can take the stress of pumping out 200 horsepower. They’re also claiming up 200 Nm of instant torque and an RPM of 10,500. That’s enough to smoke your typical Harley, to say the least.

Hang On Tight

The resulting vehicle can hit 60 mph in less than four seconds, and 100 mph in less than six. So it’s probably good news that this has four disc brakes on the front wheel and two piston calipers on the back, as well as shock absorbers on the rear wheel so your butt doesn’t take a beating if you have to speeding across a road that’s less than well maintained.

Interestingly, you also won’t have to spend too much time charging. Voxan claims that on a European automotive charger, it takes the Wattman less than thirty minutes to charge up its lithium ion batteries completely. And even if you need to plug it into a tradition socket, it’ll be fine; the Wattman has a charger for itself built into the body, to take juice wherever it can get it. Still, you’re not going to be going thousands of miles without a charge; the maximum range, right now, is roughly around 110 miles per charge.

Speed Machine


That said, yeah, you may not be able to tour with this, but you can definitely get some speed. Voxan isn’t discussing price just yet… but don’t expect being able to rocket away from a standing start to be cheap.

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