Vornado VFAN Mini Review

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Updated July 14, 2022
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Personal air circulator fans with flashy designs and gimmicky features are readily available out there. However, if you prefer a simple air circulator fan with a classy design, the Vornado VFAN Mini is for you. Due to its quiet cooling with soothing white noise, it’s one of the best fans for baby rooms and probably the best fan on the market.

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Why We Like It – Vornado VFAN Mini

The Vornado VFAN Mini looks classy and, at the same time, provides excellent performance to be a contender for the best personal fan crown. And it comes in different colors and designs that give the fan its vintage look.

  • Deep-pitched propeller fan
  • Two different speed settings to choose from
  • Solid metal build
  • Classic designs are a bit costlier than the modern design variants

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Keeping up with the Vornado tradition, this personal fan is a tremendous performer. In both speed settings, this mini classic vintage fan with its deep-pitched propeller blades can move a lot of air through. Even though it’s a small fan, the air feels very fresh too, just like air purifiers. Do note that it’s not an air purifier, so don’t expect air filtration from it. Another excellent performing bladeless option you can get is the PureFlow QT7.


With a full metal body, very few fans come close to the durability of the Vornado VFAN Mini. Even though the fan is made out of plastic, it is very durable as well. The rubber feet help the fan get traction and not slide off. Every component is very high quality and feels premium.

Noise/Sound Level

Saying this fan is whisper quiet is an understatement. And that is the case in the high-speed setting too. It also emits a nice white noise that is not distracting at all. If you need a ceiling fan, go for the Westinghouse ceiling fans.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Vornado VFAN Mini doesn’t come with remote controls. But the decision to exclude it is an entirely understandable one. It wholly embraces its vintage fan-Esque design. It has a simple knob that acts both as an on-off switch and an airflow speeds controller.


With its excellent build quality and competent performance, the Vornado VFAN Mini is an excellent value for money buy. And it’s sold and shipped directly by Amazon, so you get excellent customer service and free shipping benefits. However, if it’s out of your budget, take a look at the Lasko Air Stick Tabletop fan.

Vornado VFAN Mini Wrap Up

This vintage air circulator fan comes in two different base designs, Vornado VFAN Mini classic, and mini vintage design. And, with Vornado’s reputation and support, you can’t go wrong with this fan.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image