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Stagnant air is what makes humid weather so hard to handle sometimes, like a heavy, unwanted blanket. To kick the air into drive, we ask one of the best fans for help: the Vornado 610DC. It’s designed to draw air in and then blow it out in a way that creates a circulatory current, keeping the entire room cooler than it was.

Why We Like It – Vornado 610DC

An energy efficient option that Vornado fans welcome with open arms. It’s excellent at whole room circulation, which is ideal in humid weather, while using 80% less energy than a comparable fan.

  • Uses up to 80% less energy
  • Good for humid weather
  • Whole room circulation
  • Can get loud at highest setting
  • Not ideal when little children are present


What puts this particular Vornado air fan on our list is straightforward: performance and energy efficient. You can feel air moving up to 80 feet. To be fair, that’s 20 feet less than what hte Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan puts out, but the 610DC is an energy smart air circulator. By utilizing a brushless DC motor, air circulators like the 610DC benefit from that same signature Vortex technology while using less energy. This is in addition to a variable speed control for nearly infinite airflow possibilities. It can get loud at the highest setting, however.


The design of the Vornado 610DC is what grounds it to the floor. Ideally you want to place the fan on one of the walls, facing the room. Unfortunately, since it does cage fan blades, you wouldn’t want a very small child in the same room. Thankfully, it’s a small fan—8.7 x 12.1 x 13.7 inches—so it can be moved. To get started, use the precise dial to pick a setting you more desire. Since it has variable speed controls, there’s nearly infinite speed settings to pick from.


When you first look at the price tag, it’s natural to question it. Such a small fan for $110? Well, here’s the deal—this fan can handle medium-sized rooms, circulating air and keeping it cool. A Honeywell QuietSet or Lasko T42950 might be half the price, but it blows air around more than it creates a constant circulation. And we can’t forget the money you save from 80% less energy used. It isn’t the steepest price tag we’ve seen, but it is on the higher side and worth every penny.

Vornado 610DC Wrap Up

When the heat strikes, you’ll want a fan that creates a cool, constantly circulating airflow—not something that blows hot air back in your face. While the Vornado 610DC can be loud at times, and not-so-friendly to little babies, it’s still an amazing fan. It can keep a medium-sized room cool and do it for 80% less energy to a comparable fan.

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