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Vornado heavy duty air circulator fans have a reputation for providing incredible performance with industry-leading after-sales support. And the Vornado 293 fires in all cylinders to achieve a high point in the ranks of the best garage fan available. At above $120, it might be a bit too expensive for some, but it does pack enough punch to be considered as the best air circulator fan at its price.

Why We Like It – Vornado 293

If you’re into big & bulky heavy duty air circulator fans that can cover the whole room and have an unlimited budget, the Vornado 293 is the perfect fan for you. The air flow speeds may not amaze you, but the professionals who really need to keep the air moving in their workspaces, they’ll get well worth their money out of this fan as it is meant to provide good air circulation instead.

  • IP54 rated dust resistant motor
  • 5-year warranty
  • Up to 100 feet air circulation
  • Only three speed settings, and all of them are very noisy


The speed control (speed regulator) behind the fan has three different speed settings. The fan speeds are as follows: 950 RPM, 1200 RPM, and 1550 RPM at each speed. Now, that might sound low to some, and to be honest, it won’t really blow you away with the air flow speeds. But what matters here is air circulation. And it does an excellent job at that with whole room air circulation even beating some premium tower fan and cheap air conditioners. And that’s nothing to scoff at. But if you are still not happy with it and need multi directional airflow, go for the Westinghouse ceiling fans.


The Vornado 293 is a heavy duty shop fan. So it should come as no surprise that the build quality of this heavy duty air circulator is absolutely amazing. And at its price, it kind of has to be, or else there won’t be any point buying it. The motor is IP54 dust resistant, which is pretty nice. And the rubber and plastic grommets on the are screwed in and well secured, as in they aren’t just glued and won’t fall off like some other cheaper fans.

Noise/Sound Level

There’s nothing else really to say here other than it’s insanely loud in all speed settings. That’s why it’s best suited as a shop fan, not for relaxation. Even while playing video games with the most passive noise-canceling headphones on, you can easily hear this fan even at the lowest setting.

Versatility/Modern Features

You can tilt the fan to adjust the angle of the air flow. And the assembly process is super easy, barely an inconvenience. At 10 feet, the power cord is very long as well. But it can not be wall-mounted. Get the Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan if you need that.


Considering everything, the Vornado 293 does provide great performance and build quality and is well worth the steep price tag. And as a cherry on top, you get Vornado’s industry-leading 5-year hassle-free replacement warranty. That is one of the main reasons for the excellent customer reviews. The motor is also very energy efficient, so your wallet is going to thank you in the long term. But if it’s really out of your budget, you can also check out the Lasko 2265QM at half its price.

Vornado 293 Wrap Up

When it comes to premium high velocity fans Vornado stays unbeaten. And the Vornado 293 is just another addition to their already incredible lineup of heavy duty air circulator fans.

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