VonShef Blender Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you love hot soup, then you’re looking for the best blenders for hot liquids. The VonShef is specifically a combo blender and soup maker, with options for smooth and chunky soup. However, beware of problems with the blender not working right out of the box.

Why We Like It – VonShef Blender

The VonShef Blender is a nifty appliance that makes soups in just 30 minutes, and can double as a steamer, blender, and smoothie maker. The best part about it is that you can set it to your desired soup setting—and just walk away. Hot soup in 30 minutes!

  • Makes hot soup
  • Can double as a smoothie maker
  • Pulse setting
  • Not very durable
  • Chunky setting doesn’t always work


Because it’s such a small appliance, the VonShef is only 110 volts. It takes about 20-30 minutes to process and heat vegetables into soup. It is strong enough to blend vegetables into creamy soup. Compare its power to the Breville BSB510XL review.

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The VonShef blender takes 20 minutes to make creamy soup, and 30 minutes to make chunky soup. It has 6 options, including steaming, reheating, blending, and pulse. The blend setting is perfect for making ice cold smoothies in the summer, and you can give all of your blends and extra pulse to reach your desired thickness.


Some Amazon reviewers said the VonShef blender isn’t very durable; many reported it dying upon first use. Also, there are reports that the chunky setting actually makes the soup too smooth. Lastly, it’s not always strong enough to grind ice into smoothies. If you’re looking for a more durable blender, check out the Vitamix 5200 blender reviews.


The VonShef blender isn’t very versatile: it’s good at making soups, and that’s about it. The 57 ounce container is fairly large, but Amazon reviewers noted you can’t overfill it, or else the appliance stops working. Making smoothies with the VonShef are hit or miss.


The price for the VonShef is cheaper than high end blenders, but you can still spend a little more to get something more versatile (check out Cleanblend blender reviews). Having a blender / soup maker where you can just set it and walk away is fairly valuable, but the durability of the appliance makes it questionable.

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VonShef Blender Wrap Up

The VonShef Blender is an interesting appliance, perfect for making soup. You can try making smoothies, but the ice might need a little bit more processing. If you’re looking for a cheaper appliance that doesn’t have a lot of confusing options, then this might be the blender for you.

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