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VoltBike Elegant Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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If the best electric bike for seniors alludes you, then perhaps the VoltBike Elegant was meant to be. For starters, VoltBike designed it with a step-thru frame, which means a portion of the bike is angled away from the seat, allowing you to simply slip your legs through for easy mounting and dismounting. For seniors, it is one of the best electric bikes.

Why We Like It – VoltBike Elegant

With a step-thru design, the VoltBike Elegant is an easy bike to dismount and mount—a must for any elderly bones—in addition to a great Tektro brake system and top speed of 20mph.

  • Step-thru design; easier to dismount/mount
  • Max speed of 20mph
  • Great Tektro brake system
  • Barely reaches 38 miles on single charge

Durability & Build Quality

Custom-built and strong, the VoltBike Elegant is essentially one frame made of 6061 aluminum, and weighs just 52 lbs. Unlike the Addmotor Motan, this e-bike has a step-thru design. You can see it near the seat post, where there’s a lot more room to thread your legs through rather than left over the frame. When it comes to durability, there are bikes that are waterproof and snow proof. Find an example in the Vtuvia fat tire review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The 500W geared hub motor gets some solid speed and torque, especially on hills, and pushes more power than the 350W motor on the E-Joe Electric Comfort Bike. You can reach 20mph. And if you want to relax a bit, pedal assistance can do some of the work. You could also boost the power of your bike with a good conversion kit. For more info, read the Voilamart ebike conversion kit review.

Range & Battery

The range per charge is a bit weaker. On a single charge, you can barely reach 38 miles. Using the power sparingly will eek out a few more miles, like using pedal assistance.

Safety Features

The VoltBike Elegant comes with basic safety features, but hardworking nonetheless. The front has been given a suspension fork with a lockout. More importantly, it’s been upgraded with Tektro hydraulic brakes, which perform beautifully in rain and shine. They’re on par with Shimano, in most cases.


Taking into consideration our VoltBike Elegant electric bike review, the e-bike does a great job in most cases, despite a so-so battery. To be fair, $1749 may sound like more than you’d want to spend, but also consider this: you get a helmet and the bike comes fully assembled. It’s also be tweaked, inspected, tuned and packaged by hand by experts. We appreciate that human touch. For a budget option, check out the Electrobike Gama Cruise.

VoltBike Elegant Wrap Up

The VoltBike Elegant is an all-around great electric bike, and completely ready for an elderly to hop on and take off. Its step-thru design, for starters, prevents you from stretching and lifting in awkward angles. You can get up to 20mph, which is still fast and safe. And when you need to stop on a dime, the Tektro brakes will save you.

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