Volkwagen Design Vision GTI Concept

VW Design Vision GTI

Some of the best and more memorable moments in my life happened because of a Volkswagen GTI–either in the thing or because I rode in one to get to said memorable moment. Needless to say I have a soft spot for the little VW. While my first car was ’81 Volkwagen Rabbit, I was saving and making every attempt to get a sweet VW GTI. If kitted properly it could be the most irresistible piece of mobile babe-bait–or so I told myself at the time.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7GcOrEKKR8&w=600&h=350]

The folks at Wired just spotted this very different GTI posing for the camera. Volkswagen just gave the concept car treatment to their classic GTI. It’s not quite as sci-fi as the over the top Lamborghini Egoist, which VW put together as an homage to Lamborghini. The “Design Vision GTI” is a 500-hp four-wheeled monstrosity to be shown at the Worthersee show in Germany this week. VW tossed out the four-pot engine in favor of a twin-turbo V6. It can achieve 413 pound-feet of torque and his 60 in 3.9 seconds. Of course that much power necessitates an all-wheel drive system to maintain stability.

The wheel base widened for more stability as well. That’s matched with a reduced ride height and spoilers strategically positioned. The interior however does look more fitting in something like the aforementioned Egoista than a garden variety GTI. The interior is even equipped with dual displays to pipe tack intel to the driver.

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