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Volksgarden Rotating Garden Lets You Grow Anything At Home

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If you’ve got an extra two grand lying around and desperately want a space to grow some hydroponic tomatoes and such, then boy, do I have the solution for you!

It’s called the Volksgarden Rotating Garden, and it’s a gigantic wheel made out of food-grade plastic.  The studs you see on that wheel hold nutrient material, and you put your plants into each one of those studs.  The circular design allows you to grow fully eighty plants in under nine square feet.

Of course, the down side to this is that you’ve got to have a powerful wattage bulb–no less than a four hundred watter will do–in order to provide sufficient light for the growing to happen.  This pretty much destroys the whole “going green” concept of the Volksgarden, but if you’re an apartment dweller who can’t get enough home-grown food, the Volksgarden just might be what you need.