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Voilamart eBike Kit Review

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If the best electric bike is beyond your reach, then the next best thing is to create your own with an Ebike Conversion Kit. Take the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit, for example; it gives your boring bike a 1500W motor powered by a 48V battery. And for safety, it adds a power cut-off brake lever.

Why We Like It – Voilamart eBike Kit

The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit is rocking a powerful 1500W motor, helping you further in challenging steep inclines and tough terrain. It’s also concerned with safety, tossing in a power cut-off brake lever to boot. Read our resource article to learning about ebikes for more information.

  • 1500W motor
  • Has a power cut-off brake lever
  • Includes a tire
  • Doesn’t include a battery

Durability & Build Quality

Overall, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit is generally great. The rims themselves are double-walled alloy, with heavy-duty spokes to boot. However, you might come across a broken spoke every now and then. Inconvenient, yes, but replacing a spoke or two is also very cheap. Just listening for any clicking! Have you been looking for a lightweight cargo bike, check out the Urban arrow shorty electric cargo bike review.


Under the hood, the brushless gearless motor is packing a lot of watts, up to 1500W, as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, US law limits electric bikes to 750W at 20mph, which this electric bike conversion kit is restricted to when hitting the twist throttle. This is done through the hub motor controller, so understand the legalities of your purchase beforehand. The same can be said with the Schuck ebike modification conversion kit. You can buy it for your mountain bike. For a great e-bike option with a 500W motor, read the Voltbike Elegant review.

Range & Battery

You won’t be able to pinpoint its range and battery life until you install one yourself. Yes, unfortunately, the Voilamart Electric Bicycle doesn’t include one. But hey, it gives you the opportunity to customize your experience. Are you going on long tours or short trips? Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a 48V battery. The Bafang Mid Drive, however, comes with several batteries to choose from before checkout. On the other hand, if you’re still having problems with this project, you’ll want to read our guide to converting a bike to electric.

Safety Features

Your greatest asset to safety would be ebike brake levers, which the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit has. What they do is cut power to the motor when you brake. However, there’s a teeny tiny catch: you shouldn’t use hydraulic brakes. The power cut-off sensor is compatible; the ebike will still work, but you’ll lose out on a very important and useful safety feature.


Aside from missing a battery, the Voilamart Ebike Rear Wheel Conversion Kit still has great value. For starters, it’s affordable and comes with a fair number of accessories. Other than what’s necessary for installation, you get: a controller bag, cable ties, pedal assist crank sensor, plastic wiring coil, and an SW900 LCD display. Front a front wheel option, go with the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit.

Voilamart eBike Kit Wrap Up

Even without a battery, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit is one of those rare options that includes just about everything you need. Most importantly, it includes a power cut-off brake lever, which alone improves your safety exponentially. Voilamart even tossed in a tire. It has a powerful motor, it’s affordable, and comes with a manual for easy installation.