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VOCCA Makes Ordinary Light Bulbs Smart and Voice Activated

Transforming your house into a smart home isn’t always cheap. You have smart light bulbs, temperature sensors, monitors, alert system and even baby monitors. What’s great about the new Kickstarter campaign for VOCCA is that takes your ordinary light bulbs and transforms them into smart lights that turn on and off via your voice. It also requires no installation, no setup and no wi-fi! All you have to do is simply screw any bulb you have at home into the VOCCA-adaptor, connect that into any light socket and say the magic words – “Go VOCCA Light.”


It’s based on voice recognition technology from Sensory Inc, which is the world’s leading voice recognition technology company. It’s on all day and all night, all the time. You can even customize the VOCCA advanced model with Bluetooth connectivity with its mobile app to teach it your own triggers and schedule on/off times and turn light on and off when in range. And when you light bulb dies, simply unscrew it and then get a new one… it’s that simple! Pledging $39 gets you the standard VOCCA model where you have to use the Go VOCCA Light” phrase, while $42 gets you the one you can customize your own trigger.


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