Canon Intros the VIXIA HF G30, Ships This June for $1,700 | Gadget Review

Canon Intros the VIXIA HF G30, Ships This June for $1,700

Canon kicked out a new flagship camcorder today that should appeal to consumers that are looking for an almost prosumer experience without the cost prohibitive price tag.  It’s an all new VIXIA HF G30 and will cost $1,700 when it ships this June.

In addition to a 20x optical zoom F/1.8 lens with a dedicated manual focus ring, Canon increased the size of the sensor over its previous model and backed it up with their new DIGIC DV 4 processor.  New to this series of camcorders is the ability to capture both MP4 and AVCHD encoded video simultaneously – good for various editing scenarios.  In addition to that, there is a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen.

Canon has also dumped WiFi into the VIXIA HF G30, allowing you to control the camcorder from afar with any smart device, though access comes by way of a web browser, not an app.  There is however an iOS app for uploading video, negating the need to connect the camera to your computer via a set of messy wires.


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