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If you’re looking for the best countertop blender, and the best blender for smoothies, look no further than Vitamix Professional Series 750 Reviews. It can handle ice, nuts, and hard vegetables with ease, and doesn’t even take up much space on the counter.

Why We Like It – Vitamix Professional Series 750

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 reviews don’t lie: this is one of the best professional blenders on the market. We love just how flexible this blender is, from being able to make ice cream to heating up soup. We also love the pitcher shape, designed to fold ingredients back towards the blades.

  • 64 oz container fits well under cabinets
  • Blade friction heating
  • Self-cleaning and BPA free
  • Expensive


The Vitamix Professional Series is a high performance machine that’s designed to make your favorite foods in just minutes. It has a 2.2 max output horsepower motor base. It grinds ice perfectly, making perfect slushies, margaritas, and even ice cream in just minutes. Its brushed stainless steel blades can also chop through tough ingredients like nuts and seeds, or even grind coffee beans. And to top it all off, the friction from the Vitamix’s blades is so fast that it makes hot soup in no time at all!


This Vitamix blender has five pre programmed settings so that you can walk away and still make smoothies perfectly every time. It also has a pulse feature to give you more control. It’s designed to quickly process your favorite foods. Compare the Vitamix’s top speeds to the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro.


Vitamix blenders are typically top-of-the line in terms of durability. While this blender isn’t dishwasher safe, it is self cleaning; just put in a couple drops of soap and warm water and turn it on. The plastic pitcher is BPA free, and at 64oz, it’s a low profile container that won’t take up much counter space.


This Vitamix machine is incredibly versatile, able to process many different foods with a variety of preset programs. You can chop nuts, heat soup, mix batter, blend salad dressings, or even make baby food. It comes with a recipe book to make the most of your purchase. And this model is even compatible with other sized wet containers that come with other Vitamix blenders.


While the Vitamix Professional Series is much more expensive than other blenders on the market, the value comes in its durability. Vitamix is frequently used in restaurants worldwide, and it’s so flexible that you won’t need a separate food processor. And this blender even comes with a 5 year warranty, so you know Vitamix customer service stands behind its product. For a more budget-friendly blender, check out Homgeek blender reviews.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Wrap Up

This Vitamix blender packs a lot of power into a small machine. Its 64 ounce container is perfectly-sized for any countertop, and Amazon users review Vitamix very highly. It also comes with 5 preset options that are handy for a variety of foods. Compare the power and flexibility of this blender to another model, the Vitamix 7500 Professional Grade Blender.

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