Vitamix 5200 Review

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Updated May 31, 2023
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This particular Vitamix blender has been in the market for more than a decade, and it still has many people buying it up to this day. Its reliability and durability continue to win over a lot of people even in this crowded market, so you can be sure that it’s a great value buy for anyone looking for the best blender in 2021. The high-performance blender comes with a 64-ounce Vitamix container that works out great, especially when you need to blend large amounts of food, so it’ll guarantee that won’t have anyone missing out on their share.

Why We Like It – Vitamix 5200 10-Speed Blender

The Vitamix 5200 has been a long-time favorite for everyone that’s buying their first blender. Why? It has a high-quality build, it’s easy to use, it comes with a powerful 2 HP motor, and it can operate at 10 different variable speeds, much like the Vitamix E310 blender. It’s definitely a stronger choice than you will find in our Pado Ozen 500 vacuum blender review.

  • Has 10 variable speed settings
  • Easy to use
  • 7-year warranty
  • Quite noisy


The variable speed controls on this blender give you a great degree of control over how fast you want the 2-horsepower motor to run and, therefore, how fine or smooth you want your mix to turn out. You can choose to use the speed dial that offers 10 variable speed options or switch to blending at the highest speed for maximum efficiency. Unlike the Blendtec Designer 725, this powerful blender, unfortunately, doesn’t come with the pulse feature, so you’ll only be able to choose from the two available options for speed control.


Compared to the many other Vitamix blenders that you’ll find in the market, the 5200 is definitely not the best-designed Vitamix model around. This is not to shame it, though, because it still packs enough punch to prepare the perfect frozen desserts in minutes. The blender has a classic container that might be considered quite tall by some, but its large capacity is great for large batches of mixing. It is, however, not as quiet as the Vitamix 7500, so you’ll have to bear with the noise that it comes with.


The Vitamix 5200 doesn’t come with any pre-programmed settings like the Oster Versa Pro, but this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. The blender is an old model, so we’ll just have to understand. What you do get, though, is the ability to make hot soups with the blender since its blades can be spun at high speed (fast enough to produce friction heat), and this is thanks to its powerful motor. If you want to know more about blender power, then read our info article on how blender horsepower matters. Additionally, you can read about similar models with our guide on the top blenders for hot liquids.

Vitamix 5200 10-Speed Blender Wrap Up

The closest brother to the 5200 is the 5300, and the few things that separate them are the size of their containers, and the presence of a pulse button on the 5300, which you can read about in our Vitamix 5300 review. You’ll definitely make more money with the 5200 if you’re part of Amazon Associates’ program, but otherwise, the two models are pretty much the same and can both be bought from Amazon com.

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