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Looking to stream live video of your games or conferences? You’ll want the best wireless webcam, the Vitade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam. It shoots and streams in 1080p, a must-have for the sake of quality. Furthermore, its omni-directional mics provide far better audio quality than a single microphone could.

Why We Like It – Vitade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam

For live streaming gaming conferencing and everything under the sun, the VItade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam is top-notch with its 1080p video streaming and great low-light correction.

  • Captures in 1080p at 30fps
  • Great low-light correction
  • Omni-directional mics; picks up audio at 15-feet
  • Lacks autofocus
  • Doesn’t bundle with a tripod

Type, Lens, Size & Weight

Featuring a wide, 110-degree video angle, the lens captures a huge swath of the area. For live conferences, this is excellent. However, it isn’t an auto-focusing lens, but rather manual focus. You’ll have to adjust it by twisting the edges of the PC webcam. One of the smallest camera videos around, the Vitade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam is just 1.00 x 3.70 x 1.20 inches. And it weighs a mere 5.6-oz.

Resolution & Display

Don’t let its small size fool you; it’s a high quality video cam through and through. Video calling and streaming in 1080p is superb. The low-light correction is particularly good, improving even dimly lit areas without hitting quality in a negative way.

Tripod & Image Stability

Sadly, a tripod isn’t bundled inside, though it does support them. The clip-on design doesn’t provide the best image stability, so order one ASAP.

Optical Zoom, Microphone, Audio & Storage

Unsurprising to us, the Vitade Plug Play 1080p Webcam lacks internal storage, unlike the Logitech C270 Webcam. More importantly, it has omni-directional mics. That means you get two mics on both sides, picking up audio clearly from up to 15 feet away. Another disappointment is the lack of zoom, optical, digital, and otherwise. Grab the Logitech C930E for 4x digital zoom.


The greatest value you’d get from the Vitade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam is its ability to stream in 1080p. For someone who’s holding conferences, attendees being able to see as much detail as possible is crucial. Its omni-directional mics also come in handy as well. Not even the more expensive Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 can stream in 1080p.

Vitade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam Wrap Up

For those diving deep into streaming or live conferences, the Vitade Webcam 1080p With Microphone HD Web Cam is a no-brainer. It has just about every feature you’d need to have a high quality stream. Video resolution of 1080p? Check. Improved audio quality? Check. And it sets the cherry on top with great low-light correction.

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