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Visioneer Patriot H80 Review

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Updated November 11, 2022
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88 Expert Rating

The Visioneer Patriot H80 is an absolute workhorse of a scanner that will meet all your office needs and then some. And that’s the catch. It’s more suited to operating in your office than your home. Check out our best home scanner list to see our top picks for scanners that would do wonders at your house!

Why We Like It – Visioneer Patriot H80

The Visioneer Patriot H80 is an absolute powerhouse of a scanner that’s very suitable for large and small office use. With Duplex Scanning, high optical resolution, and the ability to print over 11,000 pages in a single day, the Visioneer Patriot H80 is a welcome workhorse in your office. Interested in learning about the flagship scanner in the ScanSnap series? Read our Fujitsu scansnap ix1500 review.

  • Comprehensive Bundled Software
  • 120-Page ADF
  • 88 ppm and 176 IPM
  • Incredibly expensive
  • So-so Customer Service Reviews
  • Large and Bulky


The Visioneer PH80 U Document Scanner boasts an impressive 120-page automatic document feeder, which is among the highest we’ve seen. It’s also quite fast, and impressive, with speeds of up to 88 pages per minute and 176 images per minute. But fast scanning doesn’t mean much if it’s not accurate. Thankfully, the Visionary Patriot H80 doesn’t have this problem, as it’s able to scan font pages without any errors down to 6 points. Take a look at the Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner DS-620 for another example of a scanner with great accuracy.


The Patriot H80 can handle a document size of 9.5”x236” on the large end and 2”x2” on the smaller end, which is among the biggest and smallest we’ve seen. The Visionary Acuity Software enhances scans to improve image quality and archive your documents for easier retrieval at a later time. It has a high-speed USB 3.0 interface for quick and easy connections to your PC. It’s quite a hunk of a machine though, and weighs almost 10 pounds. Check out the Doxie Go SE for a scanner that’s a little more compact and portable. You could also say the same about the scanner in our Brother DS 620 lightweight compatible review.


Customer service reviews for Visioneer, as a company, are moderate at best, so you may want to consider that before buying the Patriot H80. Visioneer Onetouch profile destinations are numerous, and the DVD that comes with the machine contains Nuance OmniPage Ultimate and Nuance Power PDF for your PDF files. It retails for a whopping $1,400.00 in the United States, but then again, it is an office-style scanner and not really intended for home use. Check out the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i for a scanner more suitable for homes.

Visioneer Patriot H80 Wrap Up

Aside from a higher price tag and slightly faster scan speeds, the Visionary Patriot H80 is almost identical to its less expensive sibling, the Visionary Patriot H60. Sure, it is slightly faster, but unless you need that speed to print out 11,000 pages per day (which seems like a massive overdraft), the price jump doesn’t seem worth it. In that case, you’ll want a lower-cost scanner/printer, which you can find in our Brother DS-720D review.

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